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Michigan Stadium’s Capacity Secrets Revealed: More Than Meets the Eye

Michigan Stadium is located in Ann Harbor, Michigan, the football stadium was built in 1927. It is regarded as the largest stadium in America and the Western Hemisphere which is why it is informally known as ‘The Big House’. Home to Michigan Football and beloved to the University of Michigan students, it is also the third-largest stadium in the world!

The field for the stadium is currently FieldTurf – an artificial surface that is designed to have a similar feel and look to natural grass. This field surface was chosen as the best option after several changes over the years.

The stadium’s original capacity was 72,000 but currently, the official capacity is 109,901 people. Although the stadium has hosted a greater number of crowds we will discuss below!

Michigan Stadium has a record attendance of 115,109 fans at a football match where Michigan defeated Notre Dame in a game of 41–30.  Furthermore, in 2012 the Big House held the NCAA single-season average home attendance record with a massive number of 112,252 people fans per game!

The stadium also has the title for the largest attendance for an NCAA Division II football game. For the top 10 highest attendance at the games played in Michigan Stadium, see below!

Highest attendance at Michigan Stadium
Rank Attendance       Date            Game result
1       115,109     Sept. 7, 2013      Michigan 41, Notre Dame 30
2       114,804     Sept. 10, 2011    Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31
3       114,132     Nov. 26, 2011      Michigan 40, Ohio State 34
4       113,833     Oct. 20, 2012      Michigan 12, Michigan State 10
5       113,718     Nov. 19, 2011      Michigan 45, Nebraska 17
6       113,511      Nov. 30, 2013     Michigan 41, Ohio State 42
7       113,090     Sept. 4, 2010      Michigan 30, Connecticut 10
8       113,085     Oct. 11, 2014      Michigan 18, Penn State 13
9       113,065     Oct. 9, 2010        Michigan 17, Michigan State 34
10     113,016     Nov. 17, 2012     Michigan 42, Iowa 17
Source: Wikipedia

The stadium is not just limited to football matches but has also seen different team sports games played there. Such as:

  1. Soccer matches between Manchester United and Real Madrid took place in the stadium of the International Champions Cup (ICC) which housed around 109,318 people.
  2. Michigan Stadium held the NHL’s 2014 Winter Classic, where Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs engaged in a game of ice hockey, with a crowd of 105,491 people.

Apart from sports events, Michigan Stadium also hosts special occasions such as movie nights, seasonal festivities for the university students, and even yoga sessions. Moreover, it is also available to be rented as a wedding venue! I think having a wedding at a stadium is a pretty unique and cool idea!

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However, the major local teams that dominate the stadium are as mentioned below.  

  • Michigan Wolverines Football
  • Michigan Wolverines Field Hockey
  • Michigan Wolverines Men’s Lacrosse
  • Michigan Wolverines Women’s Lacrosse


Q. Is Michigan stadium the largest in the world?

No, it is the third-largest stadium in the world.

Q. Why is Michigan Stadium known as ‘The Big House?’

This is due to its great size and ability to seat a large number of fans.

Q. What is America’s biggest stadium?

Michigan Stadium is America’s largest stadium.

Q. How many seats are there in Michigan Stadium?

The capacity in the stadium is for around 109,901 people.

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