Interesting facts about Super Blue Blood Moon

The heavenly views in the night sky never fail to fascinate us. Let us tell some interesting things about the Super Blue Blood Moon. We hope you haven’t missed this spectacular sight!

This phenomenon is as crazy as its name sounds. ‘The Super Blue Blood Moon’ lit up the sky during the early hours of January 31, 2018. The more we researched on it, the more we got amazed by the fascinations surrounding this incredible celestial event. As we know, it is one of the most anticipated event for the astronomers as it took more than 35 years for Super Blue Blood Moon to appear in the night sky.

As our research got deeper, we come to know that this incredible occurring is the convergence of three astronomical events that is one of the main factors making it extremely rare and attractive. It is that time of the year when you would never want clouds to block your view as because of it you could miss something exciting happening in the sky above you. Astronomical events like Super Blue Blood Moon build up curiosity generally in people to get more knowledge about celestial bodies other than earth.

Let’s figure out answers to all those questions that may arise in someone’s mind upon seeing the Super Blue Blood Moon shining in the sky.

What actually is a lunar eclipse?

In the article above we have used the term lunar eclipse. So, let us explain what lunar eclipse really is. Actually, it is not only the earth that is revolving around the sun, but you would really get surprised to know that the moon also circles around our planet.

So, a lunar eclipse actually occurs when the path of sunlight reaching the moon is blocked by the sun. However, at this time the moon will start appearing dark red and rusty in color which is something pretty exciting for us and we believe that such phenomenon would also have you left fascinated.

When was the last time there was a Super Blue Blood Moon?

We are as excited and amazed as you might be after coming to know that this extremely rare ‘lunar trifecta’ might appear in the night sky after the interval of decades. People from all around the world were extremely thrilled after coming to know that the sight of Super Blue Blood Moon was about to pay them a visit on the last day of the month of January 2018.


It happens as a result of the convergence of three lunar events and during third happening the moon is 30 times brighter and 14 times bigger than the ordinary full moon. However, the information that we have collected from multiple resources and through our research work, it came under our information that people in some regions of the US were unable to see the Super Blue Blood Moon after it turned reddish in color because of their location.

What’s the best place to fully enjoy the sight of a lunar eclipse?

Let us tell you that there isn’t any specific place on earth where you would always get the best sight of a lunar eclipse, especially when it is the case of Super Blue Blood Moon. Such kind of happenings are once in a lifetime and it totally depends on the position of moon in the sky as predicted by the astrologers and weather experts to let people know about the place where they could go and enjoy the sight of an extremely special lunar eclipse such as Super Blue Blood Moon.

super blue blood moon sighting region wise in US | AccuWeather

Exactly as predicted by the experts, the amazing site of the lunar eclipse happened at the end of January 2018 was fully viewed and enjoyed by the people living in the central and western parts of the United States. However, people who live in the eastern regions of the country got a view of the partial lunar eclipse while in some places the eclipse was not even visible. Have a look at the detailed chart made by the AccuWeather as per the information provided by the expert sky watchers.

Why do they use the term ‘Blood Moon’?

We know it sounds super crazy and after hearing the term ‘Blood Moon’, you start imagining about werewolves running around. However, scientifically it doesn’t have to do with anything supernatural. It’s the rusty-reddish tint color that is one of the main reason that this lunar eclipse is called Blood Moon.

This is what the experts from NASA have to say about the phenomenon of Blood Moon: “A total lunar eclipse happens when the whole moon enters earth’s shadow. Some sunlight still reaches the moon, but first it goes through earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere filters out most of the sun’s blue light, so the moon looks red.”

So, it is all because of the filtering process of the light entering the atmosphere causes the moon to appear reddish-orange, leaving the earthlings in amazement.

What is a supermoon?

Now comes the third lunar event which is also a part of Super Blue Blood Moon. The moon comes about 6000 miles closer and it is this happening that causes it to appear way bigger than its usual size in the night sky and this is why it is called Super Moon.  Though it is a fact but still it is hard to believe, isn’t it? Super Moon appears larger and brighter from the point when it begins to rise over the horizon.

super blue blood moon rising over horizon

We would also like to let you know that supermoon is not the official term that is used for this specific lunar occurrence. However, the experts have made this term common among people so that they it would be easier for them to differentiate between the regular full moon and the ‘Supermoon’.

The moon was expected to be at a distance of 223.074 miles this year on its closest point from the earth this year. Another amazing fact that we know about this incredible happening is that supermoon also has a significant effect on the tidal currents of the oceans around the world.


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