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How Youth Sports Development helps Nurturing Tomorrow’s Champions

Sports from a young age helps kids stay active and improves their physique. It is a great way to stay positive from a young age as it helps to release negative feelings in the body through physical activity. Sports also help build confidence interact with others. Moreover, team sports teach the children the importance of teamwork and effort as well as communicating with others and strategizing. Youth sports development platforms provide just these things to children. From young athlete training to implementing the best long-term approach, it trains the children in an effective way.

 Find below answers to some common questions related to sports-based development in young children and how it impacts them and the people around them.


There is no doubt that the physical benefits of sports, especially if started at a young age are great and can prove to be long-term! It really improves the physique and development of the body. Participating in sports help stay active and alert which is essential for kids growing up. What’s more interesting is that due to physical fitness, there are lower risks of several chronic health conditions that may develop in later years of life such as obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. Research shows that kids who do not play sports are more attracted to unhealthy, junk food and become obese as compared to kids who play sports.

Some more health benefits that have been recorded with sports and exercise from young age are: better sleep quality and cycle, promoting healthy eating, lower chances of dependency on substances such as drugs and greater development of muscles and movements. 


The advantages of engaging in 2 player sports from a young age are far more than just physical well-being. Sports are a great way for kids to release their anger or tension in a healthy way- what better way to deal with it than go for a long run or throw some shots! Moreover, they can be taught a very important life lesson from an early age that losing and winning is a part of life. This is something common in the sports field; kids can learn how to deal with it in other aspects of life too. Healthy traits such as patience, endurance, resilience and helping others are some things that athletes learn with time. These traits help shape your personality and can be applied to other life situations too.

Another great benefit is that youth sports development can help an individual boost their self-esteem. This is something that is crucial at a very young age; encouraging a kid to take part in sports itself helps increase their confidence. They also learn how to deal with failure and setbacks, which makes them mature at a young age and promote healthy reaction and approach to daily life and relationships. Few studies also suggest that playing sports decreases levels of anxiety and depression and improves cognitive performance of individuals.


Youth sports development programs divide kids into categories by age and level of skills while focusing on the best approach and plan that suits them. It helps nurture future sports stars by putting them in an environment where they have a higher chance to grow and succeed. A lot of programs provide opportunities for underprivileged kids by giving them the right exposure so that they can improve the quality of their life and decide on a career path with the right guidance. Youth sports programs provide a range of benefits to the kids from compassionate mentors, training by experienced coaches and volunteers from near communities who help the youth possess leadership skills and life skills. Popular sports such as basketball, football, baseball, hockey etc. are team sports which are a great way to promote teamwork, routine and create friendships amongst the children. Kids can interact with their fellow teammates, which in turn can lead to good communication and coordination skills when playing a team sport. Moreover, they can engage in healthy competition which is an excellent way to get better at sports.  


You might think that kids who pursue sports and think of it as a career path are generally poor at academic subjects. However, it is not always the case. In fact, sports require you to stay fit and active which is why research shows that children who are active and play sports have better academic focus and performance. The skills that an individual adopts though sports help them with their day-to-day tasks including school and home. Moreover, a lot of reputable schools and universities offer sports scholarships to students, provided they an impressive track record of their sports performance and certain level of grades or GPA.

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) adopted the American Development Model (ADM), a progressive initiative to “unify national governing bodies and community programs in keeping Americans active in sport longer.” This model included education, sports and health through a five-stage system which is linked to a child’s learning and growing tendencies. 


Parents can surely help their child take part in a sport or develop an interest in sports activity overall. A good way of doing this is to make them familiar with sports from a very young age. While a lot of kids, especially those who live in neighborhoods can play outside and engage in different sports activities, it is still necessary that parents try to make it a positive and fun experience for them. The goal is for them to make it a positive experience for them, even if they win or lose.

 For those who want to opt for youth sports programs, parents can encourage their kids to help them apply and support them in the whole process. This can be done by different ways-noticing their child’s efforts and praising them, consoling them in times of setbacks and teaching them how to be respectful to other fellow members and coaches and developing a routine for them.

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.