How to relieve stress by indulging in these sports that starts with R

Looking for some remarkable and resourceful sports to engage in? Become a resilient player with our variety of sports that starts with R!


This racquet sport is a 2-player sport or it can also be played in doubles. Similar to squash, but with a few minor changes – racquetball requires players to have speed, agility and strength to continuously hit the racquet with the ball.

There is no net, players bounce the ball on the ground when hit with the racquet so that it touches the walls while preventing the other player (s) from hitting the walls. All surfaces including the ceiling can be hit with the ball. I haven’t tried racquetball but I have played squash which is very similar to it. I can definitely say playing such racquet sports are a full workout for the body. So, if you are looking for some active sports to engage in, then this is a good choice!


This competitive ball sport has its origins dating back to the 19th century in England. There are more than 10 million people playing rugby worldwide, with 8.4 million registered players as of 2023 (Wikipedia).

Most commonly, a rugby union game is played with teams of two with 15 players. The ball used is oval shaped and the game is played on a pitch with two goal posts. In the Olympic games, Rugby sevens is played which supports a seven player each format on the same pitch.

3.Roller skating

Whether you want to learn it as a leisure activity, or as a competitive sport, or just as a means of transportation, roller skating is a great activity to learn!

The most common form of roller skating is inline skating where the wheels are placed in a straight line – making it easier to move around. Although there are roller rinks and skate parks designed for roller skating, you can also skate on streets, pathways and sidewalks while wearing protective gear such as a helmet. Roller speed skating is a popular Olympic sport. Skating is an excellent solo sport which can be mastered at a young age. I highly recommend it to someone who is looking for a fun hobby which is easy to learn!

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4.Rhythmic Gymnastics

This is an individual and multiplayer woman only activity that is featured as an Olympic sport. Rhythmic gymnastics showcases the flexibility, grace and balance of the participants with the use of an apparatus and music.

Points are rewarded based on the difficulty and execution of the performance by the contestants. I have always been fascinated by female gymnasts and their movements. When I first learned about this sport, I was amazed by some of the performances!

5.Rock Climbing

This is surely one of the best pastime activities out there, which is also a great exercise for the body. Rock climbing is a popular solo sport where people climb up, down or across a wall filled with rocks. While this has become a popular recreational activity with common indoor climbing walls, you can also go for an adventurous rock climbing up the mountains with natural rocks!

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This is a water sport which uses oars to ride a boat. Competitive rowing races are held across the world with up to 9 players, depending on the size of boat.

In the Olympics, rowers compete in races in teams of two, four or eight. Rowing requires the players to have a good grip of the oars, strength and an excellent posture. If you love trying out new sports and activities in the nature, then I recommend this sport!


By far the simplest sport to exist out there, which has paved the way for some of the most popular and extreme sports. Running has a great deal of health benefits with weight loss benefits, low blood pressure, and considerable muscle strength.

If you are looking to start exercising, then running outside for at least 30 minutes every day or on a treadmill is a great way to begin!

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Q.What’s the difference between squash and racquetball?

The major difference is that the ceiling is out of bounds in squash but not in a game of racquetball.

Q. What equipment is used for rowing?

Rowers use oars which every person has to handle in order to ride the boat.

Q. What’s the difference between rugby union game and rugby sevens?

While the rules and the pitch are similar, a typical game of rugby is played with 15 players while rugby sevens – featured in the Olympics is played with 7 players.

Q. How many minutes if running is beneficial?

At least 10 minutes of running everyday is beneficial for the body.

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Choose from these top solo and team sports that start with R if you are searching for some fun sports. I assure you that these are some of the most beneficial sports that are entertaining and a great way to stay fit!

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