Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Need to Wear Masks Outdoor: CDC

It’s been more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit the US. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives. However, to bring down and control the number of infections in the country, the authorities have not only launched but are also constantly expediting the Covid-19 vaccination drive nationwide. It is to get more and more vaccinated within less time.

We have now come a long way and the only way to prevent the spread of the virus is to get timely vaccinated.

How Many People Have Been Vaccinated in the US so far? 

According to Our World in Data, almost 120 million people have been vaccinated in the US so far and more than 150 million people have received their first vaccine jab. This makes around 47 percent of the total US population. 

It’s Time To Drop the Mask 

In the early days of the pandemic, it felt weird to wear a mask, but now we have gotten accustomed to it. Well, the good news that we have been waiting for a long time is finally here. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), upon completing a course of around two weeks after getting fully vaccinated, people will no longer be needing masks to visit public places, especially the ones with outdoor arrangements. 

However, to be on the safe side, wearing masks indoors is still advised even for fully vaccinated individuals. Dealing with coronavirus pandemic is still new for us and we are yet working on different ways to carry on with our lives amid the pandemic situation.

Here are Some Special CDC Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated People

If you are fully vaccinated you can:

  • Resume all the activities that you were doing before the pandemic.

  • Go out without wearing a mask. Also, you don’t have to stay 6 feet apart. However, there may be some places where you still have to follow rules as prescribed by the state, local, federal, tribal, as well as territorial laws. It is important to keep yourself and others around you safe.

  • Travel within the United States without getting tested before and after your journey. Even you will not be required to self-quarantine after travel.

  • Leave the United States without getting tested unless the international destination you are traveling to requires it. 

If you are fully vaccinated, you still need to:

  • Show a negative test result for the coronavirus as well as the documentation that proves your recovery and immunity from COVID-19. You need to get it importantly done before boarding any international flight having the United States as your destination.

  • You will still need to follow the guidance at your educational institution, workplace, or while visiting any other local businesses to maintain decorum.

  • Watch out for any symptoms of the coronavirus, If you think you have symptoms, you need to get tested right away and try to away from others. It can be a very rare phenomenon in the case of vaccinated individuals, but still, we have to keep ourselves prepared for every situation.

If you are fully vaccinated, you do NOT need to 

  • Self-quarantine after taking an international flight and arriving in the United States.

  • Stay away from a person having Covid-19 since you are now immune to the virus, which means it can no longer infect you.

Note: It is to keep in mind that people who have a particular type of medical condition or are on medications that have side effects that could weaken their immune system, need to consult their healthcare provider to seek guidance about their activities. This may also include aged people. It is better for them to keep taking all necessary safety precautions to prevent catching the coronavirus.

What the Experts Know About the Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines are working in a very effective way at preventing the deadly COVID-19 virus, which could cause severe illness and death in the worst-case scenario.     

COVID-19 vaccines turn out to be also extremely effective when it comes to reducing the risk of the infected patients spreading the coronavirus.  

What the Experts Are Still Learning      

How effective the coronavirus vaccine is against the different variants of COVID-19 that have different symptoms. 

The data show that has been accumulated so far shows the vaccines may be effective against some variants of the virus but at the same time, they could not be much effective against others.     

How long the coronavirus vaccines could protect people once they get fully vaccinated. This is why it is still advised for fully vaccinated people to take precautions, especially in crowded enclosed spaces like subway stations or shopping malls.

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