Exploring the Thriving World of Group Sports in the USA

The sports industry is one of the booming industries in the US. As a sports enthusiast, I have noticed that the most popular sports played in the USA are group sports. Group sports focus on teamwork and coordination between teammates. Players strategize and work towards the same goal, which leads to more motivation and determination to win. USA Group sports include famous ball and bat sports, which we will discuss below!

The Popularity of Group Sports in the USA

Out of the wide list of sports played and watched in the US, group sports hold their own place. The rivalry, the competitive attitude, and working together to achieve a common goal is what makes it worth watching and engaging in!

Team sports are played at collegiate level, such as basketball, football, and cricket. As well as professionally across the country. The establishment of major and minor leagues in the country has led to more and more people opting for sports as a career -leading to an increase in the number of players in the country.

While there are a lot of professional sports, the top professional leagues based in the US are: the Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football league (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Major League Soccer (MLS). The first four are regarded as the biggest and wealthiest leagues in the world (Wikipedia).

What are the Top Group Sports played in the USA?

We have compiled the top team sports that are widely played in the US. Read below to find out about them!

American Football

Undoubtedly, the top American sport in general – most famous in the country, with massive fans and players.

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This popular bat and ball sport is one of the oldest sports played in America. Played both as a recreational activity as well as professionally!


A popular choice for college sport. Basketball is played in an indoor court professionally or casually in an indoor play area.

Ice hockey

Played in an ice rink with a stick and a puck between two teams. This team sport is a popular winter sport that is also featured in the Olympics.


This is referred to as football in the parts of the world. Football is a famous ball sport worldwide played between team of two with 11 players each.


Volleyball is the perfect ball sport to play as a pastime activity. It also has a variation – beach volleyball, which is just as fun and popular as the original game!


This contact sport involves playing with a ball with the aim to ground the ball behind the opponent’s goal.


This is a competitive, fast-paced sport played with a lacrosse stick and ball.  


Q. What is the top team sport in US?

American football is the most popular sport in the US.

Q. How many players in a baseball team?

There are 9 players each in teams of two.

Q. Where is lacrosse most popular in the US?

New York has the most female and male lacrosse players.

Q. What is the difference between football and soccer?

Football and soccer are similar sports, it is referred to as ‘soccer’ in America while in other parts of the world as ‘football’.

Q. Is rugby similar to football?

Yes, rugby is very similar in terms of playing to the popular sport, football.

Author’s Opinion

These team sports are some of the most popularly played sports in the USA and around the world with a huge fan following and massive viewership on the television and attendance in stadiums across the country. My top picks are baseball and basketball! While there are a lot of solo sports played in the US, there is something about team sports that makes it fun to try out and watch!

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.