Confessions of a Millinium Muslim

I must be 7 years old, when I saw an image of a theatre in Bosnia where thousands of people got killed.My tiny brain back then couldn’t comprehend what had happened ..I wondered- How could it happen? How could someone let it happen?. I don’t know where to start to explain what goes through a mind of a Muslim, the horrifying images of torture rape in Myanmar, the genocide in Burma with dead bodies heaped on top of each other as slaughtered chicken. The refugee boy flushed off shore on a beach, the 5 children killed while playing football on a Gaza beach.Starving children in Yemen…boys freezed to death in Syrian refugee camp..this and many more images that come flashing by like hail of wind. It’s not just Muslims but people of other religions , the inumerable Stabbings due to hate crimes, the school shootings in USA by crazy lunatics, even the images of kangaroos, koalas in the bushfires and the walruses washed offshore due to climate crisis. Our world is on fire- but so are our hearts ablaze. You see we just don’t care for ourselves but the entire humanity as a whole – as we all are from the same soul same father – Adam. We can be brothers in faith or brothers in humanity, whether Jews or Christians. But if there is an Abeel to the Qabeel- an oppresser to the oppressed – we must stand by our faith in justice. It can be anyone but as long as we side by the right and are able to distinguish between the right from wrong – we can call ourselves Humans!. The real battle is within our soles – all Muslims wonder -When will this bloodshed end?. Is there an end to oppression. When will this greed by a few -to have more land, more power, more oil, more wealth ever come to an end. There are hardly a few who are benefiting from this, but the whole world is suffering because of these few. May it be the climate crisis or the never ending wars in the world. Unfortunately the leaders of these countries don’t realise that the world has become a whole – it’s one country now without any borders or nationalities. We see each other as one. We feel each other’s pain just as we feel the pain of our aching planet Earth. We are all from the one and to whom we all shall return. 

When Allah (swt) made Adam , the angels asked why make a creation which will kill each other. Allah said ‘you do not know what I know’- then he gave the power of knowledge to the man. Then Adam told all the names of the creation to the angels and they bowed down as god instructed all but one – Iblees ( shaitan) as he had pride. We as humans  have been given the power of intellect- to decide for ourselves through our own free will – the right from the wrong. 

Nothing comes in the way of intellect but pride. Pride of heritage, pride of nationality,  pride of power,  pride of even knowing more than others. However no one is worthy of pride other than Allah – our creator! 

Wake up your souls and realise that none of our religion, nationality or race matters- as long as we distinguish the right from the wrong, encourage the good and forbid the evil we will reach our true purpose. Find the truth yourselves don’t rely on others or the whispers of shaitan misguide you from the truth. Allah sent 124,000 prophets to proclaim the truth. So do not twist it! . 

Unfortunately in this day and age we are being fed the wrong information. Prophet Muhammad feared of this time when the good would not be distinguished from evil and the truth from falsehood. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. May it be finding the truth about your own religion. I was lucky to be born in faith , but I discovered the truth and accepted my faith Islam to be the right religion -and still in a constant soul searching. So what is a religion but a manual to live life. Remember there can be only one whole – in its entirety , there can be only one universe and there can be only one God!  ALLAH

So side with the Good – Your soul will talk to you.. the guidance that comes from God which we seek in Surah al hamd is trying to put you back in track.The faint hint of that voice that speaks from a distant is trying to reach you -only if you let it. 

I have found truth now it’s your turn! 


What do you think?