An Analysis Of Top 7 Sports That Starts With S And Popular In The United States

We will discuss some of the popular Olympic sports that starts with s which are commonly played in the United States. A combination of solo sports and team games, read more about these steady sports that start with s!


Soccer is the term used for ‘football’ in the United States, which is one of the most renowned sports in the world and is regarded as the fourth most popular sport in the United States (Wikipedia). It is a team sport with 11 players in each team, with the aim to score a greater number of goals than the opposing team. It should not be confused with American football, which is a different sport and one of the top American sports.


This bat and ball sport is quite similar to baseball with the same rules applied but some minor differences such as softball has 9 or 10 players per team with seven innings per game. At the Olympic level, softball is a woman only sport. It has its origins in Chicago back in 1887.


This is a great winter activity which typically takes place on snowy areas. Skiing is a recreational as well as a competitive sport. It is easy for children to learn with the use of protective gear and equipment – making it a family-friendly sport. You can easily find a ski resort in cold, mountainous regions. I personally would love to try out skiing – it is definitely on my bucket list!


Popular everywhere in the world, swimming is a great way to relax while working out. It makes for an ideal summer sport which can be enjoyed solo or as a competitive sport. It has a lot of advantages such as weight loss, muscle strength, toning of the muscles and low blood pressure. Without any doubt, swimming is one of my favorite sports. I learned swimming at a very young age because it such an easy sport to engage in with so many benefits and fun!

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A popular water sport – surfing is an ideal choice for people who live near water. It has been recorded that a lot of the US locals usually surf in their routine, those who are located near baches. Surfing makes use of high tides and waves which propels the board to move around the water. A surfer should possess some good coordination and balance skills to master this sport


A lot of us as kids have tried skating or seen someone perform this activity. I remember trying on skates and while moving around, I fell at least 2-3 times. Though, it is hard at first, once you get the hang of it, it is an exciting and fun activity to do.

There are two popular Olympic skating activities that are featured namely: short track speed skating and speed skating. There are also championships and local matches held for skating in United States.


If you are searching for something adventurous to do on your next vacation, then snowboarding is a perfect choice! This is a winter sport which is performed from a high surface as a mountain with slopes.

An interesting combination of skiing and skateboarding, this activity requires a special board – larger than a regular skateboard with bindings attached to it for a better grip. Snowboarding requires other necessary equipment such as appropriate jackets and boots.


This is an indoor racket sport which is played between 2 players or individually. The aim is to hit the rubber ball while preventing the opponent from bouncing it back.

There are around 1.4 million people in the U.S. who play squash and it is one of the fastest growing solo sports in the country. (US Squash) Squash requires focus, speed, and strength. this is an active sport which is completive in nature!

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FAQs of the sports that starts with s

Q.Is soccer and football the same sport?

Soccer is what Americans call the game of football that is popular around the world.

Q. How many squash players in US?

There are around 1.4 million squash players in the U.S (US Squash).

Q. Which US state has best skiing?

With so many famous ski areas and resorts, Colorado is the best state for skiing activities.

Q. Is snowboarding an expensive sport?

Yes, as compared to other board sports, it is a bit expensive due to the equipment required for it.

Author’s opinion

Sports industry in America has always been on top with some of the oldest sports that are still popular to this date. These sports that start with s are some of the most played sports in the US and featured in the Olympics. My top picks are swimming and skiing!

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