A Detailed Overview of Figure Skating in the United States

Earliest origins of figure skating go back to 13th century, supposedly invented by the Dutch. However, Americans have significantly contributed to the invention of the modern-day figure skating, around the years 1850 and 1860s.

Figure skating was the first winter Olympic sport that became a part of the Olympics game till date. In this blog, we will discuss this innovative and least-hottest sport – figure skating in the united states, its popularity in the US and some popular US figure skaters.


This sport involves the art of skating on the ice while performing specific figures or patterns. Players have their routines that they carry out as different movements on the ice platform.

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While it is typically a solo sport, figure skating can be done in pairs or as a group performance. It requires talent, finesse and speed. Not any easy sport to master!


A fixed number of jumps are to be performed in the routine by skaters, which are done in singles and doubles events, following a theme.

In case of falling while skating, points are deducted and other penalties are involved. Technical aspects as well as the performance by the skater including the music and choreography are judged and rewarded scores accordingly. The final score is added by the segments.


It said that figure skating became a famous sport in the 1860s, by a person named Jackson Haines. This is one of the oldest sports played in the US with the first figure skating championship held in 1914.

It is played as a recreational sport as well at a collegiate level with several championships and local contests held across the country every year. The highest governing body for figure skating is the US Figure Skating. It is a member of the US Olympics and Paralympics Committee and the International Skating Union.

Tenly Albright, aged 15-year-old became the first American woman to win the world championship in 1953. Following her stellar record, she also became the first US woman to win an Olympic gold medal!

Another popular US figure skater, Michelle Kwan has won the world championship title 5 times while the U.S. national championships 9 times – being one of the top renowned individuals in figure skating. Moreover 13-year-old Alysa Liu, is regarded as the youngest U.S. women’s figure skating champion.

COMMON FAQs regarding figure skating

Q. Is figure skating a hard sport?

While it may look effortlessly performed by the skater, figure skating stands as one of the toughest sports out there.

Q. Is it figure skating or ice skating?

Figure skating is a special type of ice skating where skater perform figure or patterns while ice skating.

Q. Is figure skating an expensive sport?

Figure skating is one of the costly sports.

Q. Do you need to be physically fit for figure skating?

Yes, you need to have the flexibility and strength to carry out this sport.

Q. is figure skating an Olympic sport?

Yes, it is the first winter sport to be added to the winter Olympics games.

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There is no doubt about the popularity of figure skating till date. This unique combination of arts and sports, figure skating is truly a unique sport that is not easy to

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