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13 unique places in the world to see

The world is full of surprising places that you can never get enough of; from beautiful to bizarre you can come across tons of sights that are totally worth seeing. If you are a traveller or you just simply love the thought of travelling then these top 13 unique sights are something you have to add to your travel bucket list!

  1. The Red beach in Panjin, China

This beautiful red beach is covered entirely of a  seaweed known as Sueda, which is responsible for the colour red. Don’t miss out on such a view and get your plans for china ready!

2. Thors well in Oregon, USA

At the Thors well especially during high tides, the surf flows roughly into the sinkhole and then shoots upwards with great force. Although it is worth witnessing, one must take precautions of getting too close.

3. Lake Hillier located in western Australia

PINK! yes that’s definitely a pink lake you see there. Due to high salinity, the presence of a salt-loving algae species -Dunaliella salina and pink bacteria known as halobacteria creates the water of the lake to turn pink through out the year.

4. Chocolate hills in Bohol Island, Philippines

Having nothing to do with chocolate in reality, these hills are formed by a result of rainwater erosion uplifted with mass deposits of coral above.

5.Glass beach in California, USA

Believe it or not, all these beautiful glass pebbles area actually recycled rubbish dumped into the beach hundred of years ago. Over time, the waves broke everything down turning it into a magical treat.

6. The catacombs found in Paris, France

Those are definitely real skulls and bones you see there collected from the city’s overpopulated graveyards back from the 18 and 19 century and displayed fashionably underneath Paris in old quarry tunnels. Not creepy at all…

7. Spotted lake in British Columbia, Canada

During summer season the water of this lake evaporates, leaving several small pools of mineral behind in various different colours. This is how the entire lake gets its spots. what are you waiting for? get your summer plans ready.

8. Fly geyser located in Nevada, USA

In 1964 an energy company drilled down into geothermal waters, today a scalding fountain erupts up to five feet high due to it and the vibrant hues of red and green were naturally created due to an algae called thermophilic.

9. The giants causeway found in Northern Ireland

Officially listed under the world heritage site, these columns were created about 60 million years ago when a severe volcanic eruption released a mass of molten basalt, which then created these 37,000 cracks after being cooled and solidified. So take a stroll and experience the beach like never before.

10. Vinicunca rainbow mountain in Peru

This mountain has actually been hidden under a thick layer of ice previously. It is only recently that  regional temperatures rose, melting thick layers of snow and revealed various several stripes of mineral deposits painted across sandstone rock, and that is how it got its name to the rainbow mountain.

11. Crooked forest found in Poland

The Crooked Forest consists of around 400 pine trees that grow at a 90 degree bend from their base. The interesting fact regarding these trees is that up until today no know really knows why they are formed this way. It is still a living mystery to the world and definitely something to witness.

12. Christ of the Abyss off the Italian Riviera, Portofino

Standing at about 17 meters high, the bronze statue of Jesus Christ was sculpted by Guido Galletti, who intended to depict Christ offering the prayer of peace, with his head and hands raised upward to the Lord. If you’re up for the scuba diving adventure then you can’t miss out on this great work of art.

13. Tunnel of Love located in Ukraine

Take a long walk at this romantic location which is in fact an industrial railway track surrounded by tons of green arches adding the beauty to it.


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