Yearning for Thrills: How Exciting are these sports that start with Y for Adventure Seekers

We have rounded up a list of 4 somewhat popular sports that start with Y. From water sports to traditional wrestling sport, read more about these interesting sports that start with y, played around the world!

Yacht Racing

This recreational, racing sport involves sailing on big boats or yachts. Competitive yacht racing is done around a course from a point to another point, which is marked by a buoy or a navigational device.  Depending on the size of the boat, the length of the race is determined. Yacht racing is an expensive sport since yachts in general are costly. Although it is a fun, water sport to try out!

Yak Polo

This is the Mongolian version of the popular sport, Polo. But how is it different? Instead of horses, players ride on a yak! These are high-altitude creatures with some distinctive features such as short legs, long hair and horns. The rules are same for the match – with the aim of scoring points by striking the ball into the goal while riding. The winning team is the one with the greater number of the goals.

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Yağlı Güreş

This Turkish originated sport which translates to ‘Oil Wrestling’ is an old sport which is still widely played in the country. This unusual form of wrestling features players who wrestle while covered in oil, making it harder to grab each other.

There is an annual tournament that is held for 3 days in where contestants engage in oil wrestling. With no restrictions, players can grab each other by any part of the body, with the winner determined as the person who drags their opponent’s back to the ground.

This one of the weirdest sports out there that is popular played for decades in Turkey. I don’t know about you, but this is definitely a sport that is not on my bucket list!


This consists of several body movements and exercises aimed for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of an individual.

While the exact origins of yoga are unidentified, it is said to have developed in the ancient region of India.

Yoga helps with the flexibility and strengthening the body and is a great stress reliever! I have heard from many people who regularly practice yoga about how life-changing it is. If you are looking for a healthy hobby or a way to release stress, then I recommend trying out yoga!

FAQs asked regarding sports that start with Y

Q. Can a yak run fast?

A yak can run up to a speed of up to 25 mph.

Q. Is grabbing below the waist allowed in oil wrestling?

Yes, this is allowed and practiced as a way to hold the opponent from the back.

Q. What is the main benefit of yoga?

It promotes flexibility, strength and balance.


Apart from the Turkish national sport, Yağlı Güreşwell, because let’s be real, this sport is not for everyone. I highly recommend these sports that start with Y. My top picks are yoga and yacht racing!

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.