What does science say about time travelling?

Did anyone say ‘Time Travelling’? Yes, the term itself seems to be very captivating for most of us psychologically but science has its own explanation for it. Let’s find out!

The scientific theory of special relativity familiarizes us about the three dimensions of space. It is one of the most complex phenomena as the all these dimensions are like a fabric knitted together. Space and time can never be considered as two different entities.

The clock is always ticking

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We know that time never stops. However, all of our movements in the space around us require us to consume time. It is because of the relativity of these extremely important two dimensions.

A Canadian Poet names Margaret Atwood describes Time and Space in an extremely beautiful way. Here’s what she said on one occasion, “Time is not a line but a dimension, like the dimensions of space.”

Time and Space Have No Boundaries

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Stephen Hawking who was a renowned physicist who researched a lot on space and time. He described them as finite dimensions having no boundaries or edge.

Here are his actual words, “Time and space are finite in extent, but they don’t have any boundary or edge. They would be like the surface of the earth, but with two more dimensions.”

Time Travel in Movies

We have been seeing movies about time travelling since a long time. Movies like ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Time Cop’ became very famous because it was something they have never seen before.

We always fantasize about travelling in past or future and this is why we like things that actually show us what we desire for. So, is it really possible to travel through time or would it remain just a fantasy?

Is Time Travelling possible?

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Again, there is a scientific explanation to it. We can travel into the future if we can build a rocket that is big and powerful enough to make you travel at super-fast speed across the universe.

As it might take only a few of your decades as you travel around the universe, seeing the stars of the milky way but on earth the time consumed during your travel will be equivalent to thousands of years.

This could be one way of travelling in future while making us all agree to the phenomenon of time travelling. However, it might still require us another 100 years or maybe more than that to even ome up with the concept of such technology for space travel.

What happens if we go faster than the speed of light?

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The more we are explaining it to you, the more interesting things are getting for us. Of course, it sounds like science fiction but we know the speed of light from decades. It only takes 8 minutes for light to reach to the earth from sun.

It travels mind-blowingly fast and the scientists are working on the technology to make something travel at the speed of light. It is widely believed that if we travel faster than the speed of life, then there are chances that we can travel to the future.

However, all these are speculations and it is still required to be researched a lot. It can be said that things are up in the air for now but they are not impossible. We just have to see what future has in store.

Exploring the Possibilities of Time Travel

Scientists are working day and night to turn that time travelling dream into reality. They are exploring the possibilities by experimenting with the existing principle of science.

When we deeply examine the subject of space and time, we realize how was it is. This makes us think if we properly understand the actual science behind space and time, we might come closer to turn Time Travelling into a reality.

The space is ever expanding and they say that with in its entire existence there are some passages that can be used as a window between past and present. This is what make us think a lot about possibilities of Time Travelling.

Time Travelling and The Future of Mankind

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As we have seen a lot of sci fi movies showing teleportation and time travelling and that now we know that science believe in the possibility of time travelling.

Keeping in view both of these realities, there are chances that one day (may be in the distinct future) we people might be able to teleport themselves in to the future or past while making use of the passage way between space and time.

Even if we believe for a second that time travelling can become a reality in the future, the availability of it would be strictly limited.

Realizing the factors that can be assumed in today’s world, the time travelling window might require extremely powerful and advanced technology to be triggered and that a lot of resources would be used to sustain it. However, things can only be assumed today and only the future has the answer to it.

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