8 of the Best Cat Breeds for Kids and Families

Cats are among the most adorable animals on earth. A lot of people like to keep cats as pets due to their friendly and playful nature. They are fluffy, cute, and extremely friendly with kids. They also turn out to be ideal companions for elderly people, providing them with a lifetime of love and attachment. 

These furry friends of humans have many different breeds. So, if you are also looking for a friendly pet cat for your little ones at home, then you have made it to the right post. In this article, we are going to talk about 8 of the best cat breeds for kids and families.


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Burmese cats are one of the most ideal pet cats for kids and families. They won’t let you get bored because of their extremely playful nature. Sometimes, they love behaving in a kittenish way even when they are fully grown. Burmese cats would always love to get their daily playtime.

They can also be comfortable with your guests as they are highly social and absolutely not afraid of strangers. They would always seek your attention by doing adorable acts. It makes them happy. Burmese cats also like the companionship of your other pets at home.

Maine Coon

With an extremely adorable appearance, Maine Coon cats make an amazing pet. They have a very friendly nature. These cats are native to the US and are very popular for their large size and intelligence.

Due to their extremely friendly nature, they can get very attached to kids and other family members. Cuddling is one of the most adorable characteristics of the Maine Coon’s personality, which makes it a very amiable cat.


Birman cats are also among the most popular cats for kids and families. They are widely popular for their loving and affectionate nature. It is one of the oldest and most preferable companion cats. 

Birman cats have a very discreet nature. They are shy and usually attach themselves to only one person. These cats can be easily groomed and can be one of the best options for first-time pet owners.


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There are many amazing qualities in Ragdoll cats that make them among the best cat breeds for kids and families. They are very beautiful, good-natured, and love to socialize. They have very gentle behavior and like playing with kids.

Ragdoll cats cause no harm to children and even other pets at home. They are widely known for their loving and easy-going attitude, which makes them very adorable family pets. These cats don’t have a demanding nature and can behave in an affectionate way all the time.


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Counted among the cutest and most popular family pet cats, Abyssinian cats have a very curious and active nature. They always love to play and explore the world around them. This furry friend can be an incredible addition to the family.

Abyssinians may not like cuddling a lot, but these cats are also very loving and affectionate. They are intelligent and can be easily trained to behave at home. This is why they are one of the best cat breeds for kids and families.


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These cats are very well-known for their pleasant and friendly nature. Himalayan cats are also known as “Himmies”. They are a mixed breed of Siamese and Persian cats. Due to their amazingly adorable nature, they like to cuddle a lot. They would love to sit and even sleep on your lap. 

These cats are also very intelligent and responsive. It won’t take time for them to detect your mood and emotions. Himmies are also good with children and can be very energetic while playing with them.


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If you are looking for a good and loyal family pet cat, then you should consider owning the Manx cat. They have a very devoted nature. They enjoy the company of kids and other pets at home. 

They have a very social and friendly nature and are not shy at all. It would not be hard for Manx cats to get along with any family member. Due to their loving nature, they can provide you with a lifetime of loyal companionship. 


The Siamese cat is one of the most attractive-looking cats on earth. They have a friendly nature and are best known for their activeness. They are not beautiful, but also intelligent and smart. 

Like other family pets, these cats are also extremely fond of the companionship of humans. Another major characteristic of the personality of the Siamese cat, that makes it a good family cat, is its calm behavior with children and even other pets at home.

Well, these were 8 of the best cat breeds for kids and families. We hope the information we have shared above will help you choose the right pet for your family. Also, don’t forget to read our article on the 10 best family dogs, if you are planning to own a pup. Stay tuned to for more interesting updates!


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