Tetherball Review: Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Ace this Backyard Game

Tetherball is a fun backyard game that is a 2-player activity. It is played in an informal court which is divided into two halves, with the center part consisting of a ball on a rope which is attached to a pole. The ultimate goal is to hit the ball with your hands around the pole, past the other player’s half. This interesting sport is considered as the safest sport among the other ball games.

In this blog, we will discuss top 10 tips for this least popular sport in united states. Check out the latest tetherball tips and tricks to excel at this game!

1.Understanding the rules for the game

While this sounds like a cliché line, this is essential in order to win the game. While tetherball is not a complex game, because it is the safest sport for anyone not knowing the rules properly can result in losing the game. We will continue below what to do and what not to do aside from understanding the basic rules for the game.

2. Do not cross the marked lines

Before starting the game, you must make sure that you know your side and remain there during the game. If you move past your half side of the court, then that can lead to getting a penalty.

3. Do not touch the pole or the rope

Similarly, you must avoid touching the tetherball pole or the rope as it is regarded as an illegal move.

4. Hitting the ball back and forth

Players in a team sport have their unique roles and responsibilities. Both the players must strike in their own direction. One player can opt for a clockwise direction while making the other player hit in the anti-clockwise direction.

5. Do not hold the ball

You must hit the ball right away; any other contact can be considered as a foul.

6. Hit as much away as you can from your side

Every time the ball passes onto your side, you can hit it again, so try your level best!

7. Aim to wrap the rope around the pole

This can increase your chances of winning the game. Wrapping the rope around the pole completely indicates that the match is over.

8. Adjust the height of the pole according to your height

While a typical tetherball pole is 10 feet, you must see if the height is suitable for playing the game. Poles around 7 feet can also be used for a game of tetherball.

9.Take precautions and focus before and during the game

Adjust the height of the pole and the rope is also necessary in order to avoid any accident. Also, you must focus on the ball, especially when the other player is striking in order to save your face!

10. Strategize your moves

This is a clever tip: you can fake your move to keep the player guessing. For example, you can act as if you are hitting the ball hard but hit it lightly when the other player is not expecting it.

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Be very focused and hit the ball agility in the Backyard game for fun

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