Roller Hockey Revolution: Skating into the Future of Extreme Athletics

An interesting combination of ice skating and ice hockey – this gave birth to Roller Hockey which is also referred to as rink hockey, quad hockey, or hardball hockey.

This fast-paced sport is played on a dry, hard surface with a set of skates and hockey equipment. Typically, roller skates or quad skates are used to play this game, but inline skates can also be used, which is played with a puck as used in ice hockey or with a small ball. It is recorded that roller hockey is played in almost 60 countries across the globe (Wikipedia). Although roller hockey is a lesser-known sport if compared to the popular winter sport, ice hockey dominates the US, Canada, and other regions. This is a relatively growing sport that is a bit complex but exciting to engage in. Roller hockey is played as a professional sport that is mainly governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation and World Skate, which hold the largest roller hockey world championships for this sport. Roller hockey is currently contested at the World Games.


Three different variants fall under the category of organized roller hockey. The most commonly played version of roller hockey or rink hockey involves the use of quad skates—old school skates that have two pairs of wheels (4 wheels in total), cane or curved sticks, and a ball. There is limited contact in this sport.

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The second variation is inline hockey, which, as the name suggests, involves playing hockey using inline skates. It is similar to a game of ice hockey – it uses an ice hockey stick with a puck. Inline hockey is a contact sport, although body checks are not permitted.

The European version of inline hockey, “Inline skater hockey,” involves the use of a ball rather than the puck. Inline hockey and rink hockey are both internationally recognized and governed by the World Skate Organization. On the other hand, inline skater hockey—the European version—is governed by the International Inline Skater Hockey Federation.

Professional roller hockey games are held both indoors and outdoors in courts. The dry surface court is typically made of plastic, which provides a smooth ground for skating and pushing the ball or puck. A roller rink, cement, or asphalt-based surfaces can also be used to play roller hockey.


Roller hockey is mostly played as a competitive youth sport in several tournaments across the country. Inline hockey is popularly played in the US. Tournaments are held at different locations, and a standard bracket system is applied.

Teams travel to multiple locations based in their state or sometimes for out-of-state competitions. In addition to that, national roller hockey competitions are also held where teams from different states compete professionally, and there are also tournaments in the US that are open to players from across the world. Two notable national roller hockey competitions, namely Narch and Statewars, are eligible for all age groups and skill levels.


Q. Is roller hockey an Olympic sport?

Roller Hockey is not an Olympic sport.

Q. Is there hitting in roller hockey?

Body checks or fighting is allowed in roller hockey.

Q. How many people are on a roller hockey team?

There are five players in one team including the goalkeeper from each team on the rink at a time.

Q. What is another name for roller hockey?

Roller hockey is also referred to as rink hockey or quad hockey.

Author’s Opinion

This unique version of hockey and skating is surely one of the most impressive team sports out there that one should definitely partake in.

Although, this is a combination of two fast-paced sports so you would need the skills of both the sports. All in all, I highly recommend this sport to those who like to skate or play active sports such as hockey!

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