Crack the Code: How to Master Sports Starting with ‘C’

If you are searching for a sport to learn and master, then you are at the right place!  We have a list of some unusual yet interesting sports that you may not have heard of and some well-known sports played all around the world. Read below to find out all about sports that start with C!


This had to be on top of our list since Cricket is a beloved sport that is widely played in a lot of countries around the world. Invented in the 16th century, this bat and ball sport has rose to popularity with several international competitions held every year.

If you are a cricket enthusiast and looking to play professionally, then the best way is to join a cricket academy or a professional team if you are in school/college. This way you can learn from a professional coach and play as a part of a team!


This is a kind of paddle sport as it involves using a single- bladed paddle to ride a canoe. Canoeing is quite similar to kayaking, although you can bend or sit straight forward while canoeing.

For those who love adventures and being in the great outdoors, this is a fun sport to learn. You do need to be physically fit in order to engage in this sport. There have been a lot of variations of this activity over the years such as canoe racing, canoe freestyle, canoe marathon and outrigging canoeing.

Chess boxing

Yes, this does exist. This sport involves the skills of chess and boxing.   Chess boxing was invented in 1992 by a French comic book artist. So how it played?

In the simplest terms: you can either knock down your opponent while boxing or checkmate them in a game of chess. Players alternate between rounds of fighting and playing chess. This sport in popular in European countries and it takes place in a boxing ring.


One of the simplest sports out there that a lot of us learn at a very young age. Cycling is easy to master and has many physical and mental benefits for an individual. You can also take part in cycling competitions and marathons if you are a pro at it!

Cross Country Running

You can engage in this sport individually as well as a part of a team. However, it is not for the faint-hearted. If you are a good runner, you can surely try out this sport. With a course ranging from 4 to 12 kilometers, it involves running on grass, woodland, hills, and often times unpaved roads.

People of all ages and genders can take part in this sport. Cross Country Racing is a part of Athletics – a group sport of track and field games.


If you have a knack for outdoor activities and exploring the nature, then this unique combination of outdoor sports is perfect for you! Canyoning involves completing different types of activities such as rock climbing, hiking, cliff jumping and swimming etc. You do need a decent amount of stamina for this sport. While these water and land activities are adventurous enough on their own, doing so together is what makes it extremely thrilling!

What do you gain from this sport? You feel a sense of accomplishment by finding your way to undiscovered, nature areas through these difficult yet exciting sports!

Competitive Eating

This is for the foodies out there! Competitive eating contests are held which involves participants eating a large quantity in a short time. These are usually up to 10 minutes long but some competitions go up to 30 minutes! The winner is determined by whoever consumes the most amount of food in the set time. This activity is fairly popular in US, Japan and Canada with cash prizes rewarded to the winners.


This game of superior thinking skills is considered as a sport as it is competitive and demanding. A chess player needs to be physically fit in order to play a game of chess that can go up to hours! You can excel at this game by practicing as much as you can and learn all about the moves and tactics of playing chess!

Common FAQs regarding sports that start with C

Q. What is a popular sport that starts with C?

Cricket is one of the top played sports that is enjoyed by people around the world.

Q. Is Chess Boxing regarded as a sport?

Yes, this game is a sport that involves the skills of both disciplines of boxing and chess.

Q. Are there official competitions held for competitive eating?

Yes, competitive eating, also known as speed eating is popular in areas such as Japan and America.

Q. How can I become a professional cricket player?

You can join a local cricket team or professional cricket academy to become a professional cricketer.

Author’s Opinion

Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure or a simple workout, choose from these sports that start with the letter C!

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Written by Usama

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