How to be in shape by adopting these trending sports that starts with T

Searching for some trendy sports that are exciting and beneficial for the body? Take a look at these sports that starts with T! From indoor to outdoor sports, we have a sport for everyone!


This a Korean martial art which is popular in other parts of world too. Taekwondo involves several kicking and punching techniques used to defeat the opponent. It uses more foot fighting skills than the use of hands, making it a distinctive martial art. Taekwondo teaches a player discipline, endurance and incredible fighting skills. I am a fan of the Korean culture and I have seen several matches of taekwondo. This is an excellent sport to engage in, with ideal benefits for the mind and the body. It is also learned as a self-defense technique. I would love to master this martial art!

Table tennis

Similar to the popular sport tennis, table tennis is a racket and ball sport that is played on a table. This Olympic featured sport can be played as singles or doubles.

According to Olympics, there are about 40 million table tennis players who play this sport competitively, making it a sport with massive players worldwide. This is also a popular choice as a recreational sport – which can be played both indoor and outdoors. I highly recommend this sport as it is easy for beginners to learn and it is a great pastime activity!


A popular backyard game, tetherball became a noticeable activity in the 1900s with the invention of volleyball. This is a 2-player game which uses a tether pole, rope and a ball.

The objective of the game is to strike the ball, hanging from the rope, while facing your opponent in opposite direction. You need to hit the ball with your hands in such a way that the other player doesn’t stand a chance to return it. This is an ideal pastime activity for both kids and adults that can be played in a backyard or a park!

Tug of War

This team sport is a test of strength, speed and endurance. Tug of war divides two teams with eight or more players on each side, with a marked line in the center.

Both the sides aim to pull the rope in what is a team effort, towards their side. Whoever succeeds in doing so, wins the contest. I remember playing tug of war in my school days. This is a tough sport which requires some great teamwork and is physically demanding. Although it’s an exciting activity to take part in!

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A game of tennis can be in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. This is an active sport that is played in a tennis court with a racket and a ball.

The major rule for tennis is that the ball can only bounce one time and the player must immediately hit it with the racket after bouncing.  The history of tennis goes back to the 11th century with a similar game known as “jeu de paume” played in France.

Fun fact: Novak Djokovic has won 24 grand slam titles so far, at the age of 36!


If you are looking for full body workout sport, then this is for you! Triathlon consists of three popular and common sports: swimming, cycling and running. This multisport, extreme activity has specific, set distances where contestants compete to reach the finish line in time.


As a kid, I loved jumping on the trampoline for hours. As an adult, I still jump at any chance of seeing a trampoline!

But did you know this is an actual sport which is a part of the Olympic games and is considered as a highly technical sport? Points are score based on the execution, difficulty, horizontal displacement and time of flight while carrying out a series of back flips and forward flips and somersaults (Olympics).  To participate in this sport competitively, you need to have precision, balance and finesse.

Common FAQs regarding these sports that start with T

Q. Who founded tug of war?

While the exact origin of Tug of War doesn’t exist, it has a history in ancient regions of Greece, India, China, and Egypt.

Q. What are the 4 grand slams?

The 4 tennis championships of Australia, France, Britain (Wimbledon), and the United States make for a grand slam.

Q. What are triathlon distances?

 In the Olympic games, player cover the distance of 1.5km while swimming, 40km of bike riding and a 10km run.

Author’s Opinion

These trendy and popular sports that have a long history are some of the most active sports to take part in. I highly recommend these list of sports that start with T to people who are looking for ways to stay in shape or just exciting hobbies to engage in. My top picks are taekwondo and trampoline jumping!

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.