Family that travels together – Stays together.

People of Pakistan and especially Lahore are known for their high spirits and adventurous nature. The famous photographer from Lahore, Irfan Younas, and his family has given us some major family goals this family of four set on a road trip to the Northern areas of Pakistan and that too on a motorbike. This adventurous family started their journey on the 22nd of September and ended it on the 2nd of October.

They visited the northern areas of Pakistan including Naran, Kaghan, Ali Malik Top, National Park and Deosai Plains. Irfan Yonus like all other fathers wanted to plan a vacation with his family. However keeping in mind the inflation rate in the country, we can imagine how difficult is it to plan such trip with your family. But Mr photographer had other plans in his mind. He planned this amazing journey with his family on a motorbike.


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Their pictures reflect the beautiful memories that they made. Where some people can not stop themselves from admiring this family, there are some people who are criticizing Irfan for putting his family,s life in danger by planning this thrilling trip on the riskiest means of transportation.

In my opinion, this family has motivated all those families who want to plan a vacation but do not attempt to go on one due to the economic pressures. They have definitely proved that saying true “when there is a will there is a way”. All the best to this adventurous family for future expeditions.


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