Cricket is a fast-paced sport that has been around for centuries. Its popularity grew from the British empires’ countries and the International Cricket Council which consists of Commonwealth countries. Whereas Baseball is a famous bat and ball game that is majorly played in United States and a few Asian countries. While the two sports share a number of similarities, there are clear differences in the games too. We will discuss below both the sports, how they are played and the comparison between the equipment used in them.

1. What Are The Difference Between Cricket vs Baseball Game

A game of cricket is played between two teams that have 11 players in each group. Cricket is a traditional game of bat and ball with simple rules that have been evolved over time. Players in the batting team take turns to bat while the other team who is in charge of fielding, wicket keeping and bowling. The goal is simple – whoever scores more runs wins the game. Cricket is played most commonly in a Twenty20 format which contains 20 overs (120 balls in total) for each team to make runs. Apart from that, there are other types of cricket games including the Test Series, One Day International which have more set of overs and other differences.

Baseball, on the other hand is a more relaxed game which involves running around four bases with teams of two who switch between fielding and batting. There is no set game time for baseball, but the game is divided into nine innings. Each team contains 9 players. Major League Baseball is the highest level of professional baseball played in US. It is split into the American League and National League. With further three sets: East, West and Central.

Cricket Equipment

Coming on to the clothing and equipment used for cricket. Collared shirts are worn which are full sleeved or half sleeved, depending on a cricketer’s choice or the season. Since, we talked about the variations of the cricket tournaments namely – test series or any local matches, cricketers wear white uniform (shirt and trousers) while in international matches such as one day games, a personalized team kit is worn. Other items specifically worn as protective gear or for better performance include spiked shoes, gloves, helmets, cricket caps, cricket box (aka abdominal guard), leg pads and thigh guards.

The cricket equipment used for the game includes the cricket bat, hardball, stumps and bails that make up the wicket and sight screen. The cricket bat is a wooden bat while the ball which is either white or red is made of cork and then wrapped in leather. 3 wooden stumps and wooden 2 bails that are placed over it are used as a wicket.

Baseball Equipment

As for the equipment used in baseball, a baseball bat – which is usually a round, solid wooden or hollow aluminum bat, baseball – a ball made out of cork or rubber which is covered with a yarn and four bases in a field. Players wear gloves, leather mitts, helmets, cap with usually white and gray jerseys and pants. These are the clothing and protective gear worn and used by both batting and fielding players.

Author’s Opinion

As someone who has seen both cricket and baseball games, the type of clothing, equipment and protective gear used in both the sports are not so similar. While keeping in mind the fact that both are bat and ball games. From the ground to the type of uniform worn, there are quite some differences seen in the clothing and gear worn by the players.

COMMON FAQs regarding Cricket and Baseball

Q. Did Baseball come from Cricket?

It is assumed that baseball comes from the already played similar games of bat and ball such as cricket. These games were originated in parts of Britain and Europe etc.

Q. How many players are in a baseball team?

There are nine players in a baseball team with two teams who play against each other per game.

Q. Is Baseball the national sport of US?

While it is not an official national sport, it was once regarded as an unofficial national sport of US due to its popularity and being the one of the oldest sports played in the US.

Q.  Which sport is more popular in the US?

Baseball is undoubtedly more popular in the US as it is one of the oldest sports played there while cricket is an emerging sport in the country.

Q. Is America a part of the ICC World Cup teams?

No, but America will be playing and hosting the first Cricket World Cup in 2024.

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.