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Celebrations of New Year’s Eve in Different Parts of the World

31st December marks as the day of annual celebrations throughout the world as people welcome the new year with all the happiness and cheers.

It is all going to happen tonight as people are ready to bid farewell to 2017 and step into 2018 together while celebrating their heart out. The sky is going to be lit by fireworks and lighting show all around the world. Loud noises chanting the countdown are going to be echoed everywhere. This is how New Year is welcomed by the people living in different parts of the world.

The celebrations that are carried out on the New Year’s Eve are worth-seeing as colorful light shows and cries of happiness are felt everywhere. A lot of people visit different destinations around the world to witness these celebrations among their families and friends, enjoying some good time in their life while taking everlasting memories with them. Another thing that makes this occasion a lot more exciting is the New Year’s Resolution. It is because people want betterment in their lives and beginning of New Year serves as the perfect time to start working on their plans in order to get to their desired goals.

Hundreds of thousands of people participate in these annual celebrations and live through some of the most amazing moments in their lives, while also making others feel the same level of excitement by sharing their pictures and videos on social media.
The last day of the year usually turns out to be the peak time of holiday season excitement and nations all across the globe celebrate it in the best possible ways by organizing concerts, fireworks, light shows and decorating skyscrapers with lights. Here’s how New Year’s eve is celebrated in different regions of the world.

The Americas


One of the most famous events that are organized to welcome the New Year is ‘The Ball Drop’ that take place on Times Square in the New York City. It all happen in 60 seconds as the event starts at 23:59 and ends at 00:00 with the rests of the ball at the desired point. This happening marks the beginning of the New Year with loud roars of the gathered crowd exchanging greetings. This ball drop ceremony was first organized on December 31, 1907 and it has only picked up intensity with the passage of time as the design of the ball has also been improved with incorporation of more sophisticated lighting and technology in the recent years.

Celebrations at Copacabana Beach | Source: Daily Mail

Being a part of Southern Hemisphere, the people living in the city of Rio de Janeiro celebrate New Year in the middle of the summer season. It is the time when children are also enjoying their holidays. One of the most famous Brazilian beach of Copacabana hosts a big event on the evening of December 31st every year. The skies start glowing with fireworks as a massive number of people gather to see these celebrations and fireworks show while incredibly enjoying warm weather at this time of the year which sounds quite unusual.

The UK

London River Thames Fireworks | Image Source: londonandpartnerscom

England’s capital, London welcomes New Year with a ten-minute show of fireworks that is carried out at the South Bank of river Thames. Thousands of people witness this amazing display of lights in the sky where the Big Ben clock tower also stands in their view. In addition to this happening, hundreds of other small scale celebrations also take place across the city of London in the form of swanky dances and live concerts by some of the biggest names of music industry.

Albert Square Manchester New Year Fireworks | Image Source: 1234newyearcom

Spectacular fireworks beautifully light up the skies of the city of Manchester. It is the event when thousands of people head out even in some of the extremely cold weather conditions to join the celebrations and feel the excitement of that very special occasion which marks the end of holiday season and comes once in a year. A big screen displaying countdown to the New Year is placed on the very famous town hall located at Albert Square. It is the one special night when no one wants to stay home as celebrations are heard and felt all around.

Australia & New Zealand

Sydney Harbor on New Year Night | Image Source:

It cannot be wrong to call Australia and New Zealand as a part of the other side of the world. A magnificent display of lights and fireworks is organized at Sydney Harbor where a huge crowd of people gather every year to witness these unbelievably beautiful celebrations at the New Year’s eve. With the use of modern technology and techniques, they are making this firework display that is carried out on the arrival of new year more beautiful and spectacular. It is this event that has made Australia as one of the most famous place for tourists from across the world at the time of New Year.

New Year Celebrations Auckland | Image Source:

New Zealanders have their own style of welcoming New Year. A giant digital clock is placed on the tower that shows the countdown to the New Year and thousands of fireworks are launched in the air on this occasion, making it one of the biggest celebrations that take place all over the world. Thousands of people gather and watch this amazing show while greeting each other for stepping in to a brand-new year.

The Middle East

Burj Khalifa New Year Fire Works

Each year we see a mesmerizing showdown that takes place at Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai. The tallest building on this planet is decorated by lights that ultimately display an amazing color show leaving all the people witnessing it awestruck. Each year a large influx of tourists and visitors is recorded in Dubai and other parts of the UAE at the time of New Year’s festivities.

Sharjah Fireworks | Image Source:

Since 2015, they are organizing the event of grand fireworks in Sharjah and it keeps getting bigger and better with each passing year. A ten-minute long display of incredibly beautiful fireworks light up the surroundings. The firework display that takes place at Al Majaz Waterfront is visible from different locations in the city and is enjoyed by a lot of people while feeling the excitement of welcoming the New Year with all the happiness and cheers.

We also heartily wish all our readers, a Very Happy 2018!

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