An Observation For Limitless Fun About Top Legendary Sports That Start with L !

Looking for some legendary sports to try out? We have a list of solo and team sports that start with L that are surely worth trying out!


This is a winter Olympic sport which is a thrilling solo & two player activity performed by riders!

 Luge – a French word which translates to ‘sledge’ involves riding down an icy track at full speed with no brakes. The players lie down on the sledge with their feet sticking out in the front. While this is an underrated sport, this winter activity is perfect for those who love an adventurous sport in the snowy weather. I highly recommend this to people who love an extreme challenge!


Lacrosse is a team sport that is played between two teams, consisting of 6 to 12 players in each team. A lacrosse stick is a unique stick with mesh at the end to catch the rubber ball.

There are different versions of lacrosse: field lacrosse, box (indoor lacrosse), and women’s lacrosse. Hence, it is a sport that can be played indoors or outdoors all year. This is a popular sport in Canada and parts of the US. I have seen players trying to catch the lacrosse ball, and the speed at which it is thrown and caught is truly amazing!

Long Jump

This is a track and field sport that also falls under the athletics event in the Olympics.

Athletes run down the track, starting with a jump from a wooden marker board into the air and ending up in a sand pit. This is one of the sports that I tried to do in my childhood but ended up injuring my knee!

Land Sailing

This racing sport is similar to water sailing, but as the name suggests, it takes place on the land. With a three-wheel vehicle powered by the wind, this has become an ideal pastime activity as well as a racing sport with several championships held across the world. I bet this would be a great, competitive yet fun sport to try out with a group of friends. I will surely to do so!


This is a team activity with teams of two, with around three players to nine players each. This game involves seven stones and a rubber ball – stacking the stones one by one while the other team tries to knockdown the pile of stones. There are no hard and fast rules, you can also play this game casually.

I remember my friend teaching me this game when I was around 7 or 8 years old. She was pretty good at it and well – I wasn’t so she beat me in every game. However, it is an interesting playground activity that anyone can try out!


An interesting combination of puzzle solving and some aspects of orienteering. Small, weatherproof boxes are hidden by ‘letter boxers’ in different public settings such as parks. The clues are given through word of mouth or printed catalogs to find the box.

This activity has become popular with various type of letterboxes such as mystery box, word of mouth box, traditional box and bonus box. There are also events or gatherings held for letterboxing with a one-day meet up in US known as the ‘event stamp’. I think this is a great way to meet people with similar interests and engage in this fun activity!


This is a Burmese combat sport that is regarded as one of the most ferocious martial arts out there. This two-player sport involves stand-up striking; no restriction to fighting the opponent with the use of wrists, elbows, knees and even headbutts! If you are passionate about learning some martial art fighting skills, I bet there are better options than this deadly Lethwei style contact sport that you can try out!

FAQs about sports that start with L

Q. Can girls play Lacrosse?

Yes, girls can play lacrosse with a specific version of lacrosse for women only.

Q. Where is luge originated from?

Luge is a Swiss sport with luge tracks built by hotel owners to promote tourist friendly activities (Olympics).

Q. What are letterboxing activities?

This is a treasure hunt type of a game where small, weatherproof boxes are hidden in publicly accessible places.

Q. Where is Lethwei from?

This combat martial art is derived from Myanmar.

Author’s Opinion

I bet these are some unique and well, quite interesting sports that are played across the world. Apart from the dangerous Lethwei sport, these sports that start with l are some of the best waters, winter and all year sports that you should try out for sure!

What do you think?

Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.