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Adventure-Packed Destinations for Passionate Hikers

If you have been infected by the obsessively corrosive addiction for the wilderness, you must know that this is a love that will haunt you and daunt you as you roam around the streets of your city or ride your bike to work. It is a love that beckons you to take to the mountains and test yourself on rocky terrains, surrounded by the breath-taking beauty and untamed rigidity of the wilderness.

In case you’re planning your next hiking trip, we’ve picked out the ultimate destinations for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Here, take a look:

Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Everest or the Chomolungma is said to be the Goddess Mother of the World by the locals, and it definitely puts to shame all other scenic vistas with its incredibly breath-taking magnificence. It takes you to the highest point on Earth, on a 185-mile journey that begins from the picturesque village of Lukla.


It is undoubtedly a trek of a lifetime as you make your way towards the highest peak in the world, you make your way through the heart of the stunning Khumbu region, travelling alongside glorious snow-covered peaks disappearing into the sky. It offers a unique experience of the wilderness, allowing you to disperse all thoughts of the outside world and focus your energies on the challenging task ahead on the steep slopes loaming in front of you.

The Namche Bazaar allows a lovely experience to enjoy the local culture of the village. When you reach the 17,650 feet high base camp, you can greet the magnificent Everest right up front. I would also recommend another day’s hike to the 18,100 feet high Kala Pattar, which offers a breath-taking view of the Everest Summit and the Khumbu Ice Fall.

Mont Blanc in France, Italy, and Switzerland

Hiking the Mont Blanc, which is said to the rooftop of Western Europe, offers the most unique, challenging and rewarding hiking experiences in the world. It allows you to explore several mountain passes, travels three culturally rich countries, and of course, feast your eyes on some of the most magnificent glaciers found in Europe. It truly promises an adventure of a lifetime.

You basically get to hike 100 miles, explore the Alps, navigate your way through the mighty peaks and dramatic glaciers of the 15,781 feet high Mont Blanc, and trek through exotic trail laden with shrubbery, glorious meadows filled with rare blossoms, and of course, challenging yourself at the fear-arousing rocky terrains.


The entire trail has several resting spots and huts so you can prepare your food and enjoy a comfortable night’s rest. You have to make your way through three countries and seven breathtakingly beautiful valleys. Be sure to take a break from the hike every now and then, and enjoy the local wine, rare delicacies, and homemade cheese prepared by the friendly villagers.

Upper Yosemite Falls in the USA

The glorious Yosemite National Park in California is home to some of the most glorious specters of natural beauty, sprawling over the scenic expanse of 1,189 square miles, it provides an adventure-packed destination for passionate hikers. Declared a national treasure by the US government, it contains ten breath-taking waterfalls.

As you hike, you can really challenge yourself physically while ascending to a height of 2,425 feet, to reach the top of the Yosemite Falls, which happens to be the highest point of the park. It offers an enchanting view of water cascading down like gigantic pearls that gleam with the rays of the sun melting into the rocky mountains laden with vegetation.

The Yosemite Falls is divided into three sections, the upper falls, middle cascade, and the lower falls, of which the lower falls are incredibly famous and mostly frequented by tourists. If you want to challenge yourself and enjoy the most rewardingly beautiful 360-degree view of the entire park and its scenic vistas, hike up to the upper falls. The small platform near the mouth of the falls offers a spine-tingling challenge for the true daredevils who live for the adrenaline rush of challenging their fears.

Pacific Crest Trail in the USA

The Pacific Crest Trail in the USA is undoubtedly one of the most popular hiking destinations for passionate adventurers who live for the thrill of the mountains. This adventure-packed trail allows you to hike through three amazing states, California, Oregon and Washington.


It is an absolute dream to achieve this staggering milestone for it offers a one-of-a-kind experience of natural beauty and splendors. You get to feast your eyes on the sheer magnificence of the stunning mountain ranges that stretch alongside the glorious Pacific coast. You traverse the US north towards the south, and it takes you through a wide variety of beguilingly breath-taking terrains, which also include John Muir’s beloved Kennedy Meadows.


Sprawling over the beautiful expanse of 2,650 miles, it begins through the excruciating hot and dry Mojave and takes you to the glorious mountains of the E.C. Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia. It is by no means an easy task for you have to tackle seriously extreme conditions and challenging terrains, which include the Cascade volcanoes through Lassen Volcanic National Park, the Kings Canyon National Parks and of course, hiking atop the 13,153 feet high Forester Pass.

The weather is another challenge as you may your way through the densest regions of national forests, seven national parks, and challengingly wilderness regions without towns for miles and miles on end. But those who manage to accomplish this trek undeterred by the extremities of nature are rewarded by the glorious splendor of the wilderness.

Fjordland in New Zealand

This region is home to one of the most breath-taking vistas found on Earth, and it offers a uniquely exotic terrain, which served splendidly well for the fantastical movie saga, Lord of the Rings.

If you want to lose yourself in the mystical beauty of mind-blowing landscapes, dense vegetation, mist-covered peaks and rugged wilderness, you can exhaust your energies at many a mystery-packed hiking trails. It is considered one of the finest walks in the world for nature photography.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path in England

The 186 mile long Pembrokeshire Coast Path is located in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park of Wales, home to some of the most majestic limestone cliffs found in the English countryside. It will allow you a glorious experience of the fishing villages in Wales, alongside romantic lily ponds, and picturesque sandy beaches.

It may not be one of the most challenging or laborious trails, but it is home to a great many natural and historic splendors. You can visit extraordinary historical sites, for instance, burial grounds that date all the way back to 400 A.D, forts built over 2000 years ago, and medieval castles.

You can spend the night at a comfortable campsite, or even one of the many bed-and-breakfast hotels lining up the area. If you adore feasting your eyes on rare wildlife species and capturing them from behind the lens, you can spot several species, including foxes, grey seals, and puffins.

Tiger Leaping Gorge – Yunnan, China

This is an exhilarating and spine-tingling hike alongside the longest and wildest rivers of China, the Yangtze. Tucked away in Yunnan, the Tiger Leaping George trail offers an incredibly rewarding and glorious experience of feasting your eyes on the magnificent snow-covered Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Haba Snow Mountain.

Sprawling over 15 miles of majestic beauty, this trail is known as the High Road, and it follows the gushing surge of the Yangtze, taking you through rich forests lined with dense shrubbery. It should take you no more than two days to complete this trail, which offers an abundance of natural beauty, rare blossoms, and the spiritual seclusion of the wilderness. 

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Written by Lara Kroft