A Complete Guide to Sports that start with W for Overall Well-Being


A combat sport where two contestants take part in fighting which involves different grappling and throwing techniques.

There are two types of wrestling – freestyle and Greco-Roman which are featured in the Olympic games. With mostly similar rules for both the games, Greco-Roman restricts the use of legs to hold the opponent or attack in any way below the waist. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports to exist with still much popularity worldwide. It is enjoyed by fans around the world with international championships and matches held in all parts of the world.


This is one of the least popular sports out there, however it is an interesting one! This game uses a mallet that is used to push a ball through a course. It can be played indoors or on a sand or grass course.

The aim is to finish the total number of fairways with the least number of strokes. This is surely a unique sport that a lot of people haven’t heard of. So, if you are looking for a new sport to learn that is easy to play, then I recommend this sport!


Also commonly known as kung fu, wushu is a Chinese martial art which is played competitively in different parts of the world. It involves mastering various skills such as throwing, striking, grappling, and kicking movements.

My first time learning about wushu or kung fu was when I watched the movie ‘Kung fu Panda’. It is a hilarious and entertaining movie; seeing a panda master a martial art made me also want to learn kung fu! This martial art teaches self-defense, promotes better reflexes and is a great workout for the body and mind.


This Olympic sport tests a weightlifter’s physical strength, endurance and technique. It involves lifting a barbell with weights; there are different bodyweight categories or weight classes in which athletes take part.

Women weightlifting games were added later than men’s weightlifting games. Men typically compete in eight weight categories while women in seven categories in the Olympic games. Weightlifting as a competitive sport fascinates me. It truly is remarkable how people can lift up such weights!

Water Polo

This water sport is played with two teams consisting of 7 players each, with 4 quarters of 8 minutes each. A period of 30 seconds is given to team who possess the ball in which they must score a goal ball. If the team fails to score, then the ball is passed to the other team.

Goals are scored by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal. The winning team is the one with the greater number of goals. As someone who loves swimming, this is an exciting sport that I would love to try out. All you need is a ball and matching caps with a group of friends or family!


 An exhilarating combination of the two water sports – surfing and sailing.

Windsurfing involves standing on a board which has a sail attached to it. A person holds the sail which is propelled by the wind, while moving their feet. This sport requires balance, control and finesse. I highly recommend this sport to those who have tried surfing or sailing. It is truly an exciting experience!

Women’s Lacrosse

A version of the popular team sport – lacrosse, this is for women only. The rules for the game of women’s lacrosse are:

  • There are 12 players in each team.
  • This variation of the sport restricts physical contact between players. 
  • Players use long-handled racket to catch or hold the ball.
  • For eye protection, goggles are worn by female players.

For all the women out there looking to try out a new sport, this is an excellent choice to try out!

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FAQs regarding sports that start with W

Q. What are the two types of wrestling?

There are two types of wrestling featured in the Olympics – freestyle and Greco-Roman.

Q. Is kung fu and wushu the same thing?

Kung fu and wushu are the same martial art, just different names.

Q. Does water polo have a ball?

Yes, water polo is a competitive team sport that is played with ball in the water.

Q. Is men’s lacrosse different from women’s lacrosse?

Yes, there are some different rules and equipment used in women’s lacrosse.

Author’s opinion

Looking for some healthy, unique and exciting sports to engage in? We highly recommend these sports that start with W if you are looking for some new solo or team sports!

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