8 Calm Cat Breeds

Owning a cat can be difficult at times, especially, if they’re grumpy, savage and hyper, but not if you decide to choose a feline from a lazy or calm cat breed. So if you’re looking to owning a chill, laid back cat that sits around and naps all day, check out the following calm cat breeds:


persian cat

Life Span: 10-15 years
Origin: Iran
Weight: 7-12 pounds
Length: 14-18 inches, not including tail

The Persian is an old breed, with its origins dating all the way back to the 17th century. Their look comprises of a long, thick coat, a full tail and a relatively flat face. They are known for being quiet and sweet. Persians love attention and enjoy being petted and sitting in a lap, but only by those whom they feel they can trust. 

Persians prefer quieter environments and have very simple needs in order to be happy. They mainly just sit curled up on the sofa, bed or a chair most of the time.

Rag Doll

ragdoll cat

Life Span: 12-17 years
Origin: California, USA
Weight: 10-20 pounds
Length: 17-21 inches, not including tail

Ragdolls tend to stand out for their large size, gorgeous blue eyes and semi-long coat. They are affectionate and a people friendly breed who loves greeting them at the door and snuggling into the arms of anyone who holds them. 

They are often described as docile and are also fairly quick learners when it comes to tricks or learning good behaviours. They are an easy and chill breed to live with.


tonkinese cat

Life Span: 10-16 years
Origin: Wong Mau
Weight: 6-12 pounds
Length: varies greatly 

The Tonkinese breed originated when a Siamese and Burmese were crossed in order to create a cat with a less piercing voice than the Siamese, but still having the loving nature and intelligence shared by both breeds. 

Tonkinese (sometimes referred to as ‘Tonk’) are smart, friendly, social, active and loving. They love attention and love being involved in activities. They are also quite intelligent so be sure to provide them with an assortment of interactive toys to keep their minds active. 

Maine Coon

maine coon

Life Span: 9-15 years
Origin: Maine, USA
Weight: 9-18 pounds 
Length: 30-40 inches 

Maine Coons are large cats but are friendly and good-natured. They enjoy the company of people and are happy to receive attention when you direct it their way. They’re not the type of cat who curls up in your lap, but they still enjoy being near people. 

They enjoy playing fetch and love chasing after mice or other rodents that they might find. So if rodents are a problem for you, this calm cat breed might be the one for you.


himalayan cat
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Life Span: 9-15 years
Weight: 7-12 pounds
Length: 17-19 inches, not including tail 

The Himalayan (also known as ‘Himmie’ for short) is a man-made breed developed by crossing Persians with Siamese to give them the color and blue eyes that are typical of a Siamese breed. 

Himalayans tend to be docile, quiet, friendly and sweet, like their parent breed the Perisan. Their personality is similar to the Persian in that they enjoy sitting in laps, and love being petted and shown affection. They do however, seem to mainly show affection to family members or those they trust. 

Russian Blue

russian blue

Life Span: 10-15 years
Origin: Russia
Weight: 8-15 pounds
Length: 15-18 inches, not including tail 

The Russian Blue is known to be a quiet and gentle cat. They have a shy and reserved nature to them but love to play and be active. They tend to ignore guests and most likely show their affection to family members. 

The Russian Blue is also a sensitive cat and has a strong sense of self-worth. They like receiving attention and affection and will be hurt if they are ignored, causing them to be anxious or fearful. They thrive best in a quiet, stable environment, with little to no change.

British Shorthair

Russian Blue cat

Life Span: 12-17 years
Origin: Great Britain
Weight: 7-17 pounds
Length: 22-25 inches, not including tail 

The British Shorthair is native to England, and is the same breed of cat that you may know as The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. 

They are a chill, quiet, easygoing breed that enjoys affection, will most likely follow you around the house, but is not clingy. They enjoy company but most like won’t sit in your lap and don’t like being picked up/carried around due to their large size.

British Shorthairs usually lay around most of the time, but do have a moderate activity level and may run around the house at times.


birman cat

Life Span: 12-16 years 
Origin: Burma
Weight: 6-12 pounds
Length: 15-18 inches, not including tail 

Birmans have the look of the Siamese but minus the voice. They are calm, quiet cats that are playful and will follow you around the house. They also have a curious nature to them and love exploring their environments. They are soft, cute and love to cuddle and relax in your arms. 

So that concludes our list of calm cat breeds. Hopefully some caught your eye or maybe even convinced you to become a cat parent.

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