4 Websites to Find the Best Airline Ticket Prices

Air travel is one of the fastest and most preferred means of getting from one point to another over long distances. The numbers suggest that 2019 will be the year to break the record of most scheduled passengers with a staggering 4.6 billion people. As compared to 2014, that’s a 130% rise.

There are a variety of reasons why people prefer to travel by air; convenience, comfort and reliability being a few. Sadly, as time progresses, airfare is becoming extraordinarily expensive. In just the last year, airfares have gone up by almost 2.9%. Taxes and added features for tickets are some of the factors which cause the rates to go up.

This unprecedented rise in costs has meant that everyone is in search of opportunities to find a more reasonable platform for buying airline tickets. To help our readers out, we’ve come up with a few reliable options on where to find the best airline ticket prices:


The first on our list is Momondo. When searching for flights online, it’s hard to tell where you’ll find the best deals. Luckily, Momondo pulls results from nearly 600 online sources including airlines, online travel agencies and booking sites.

It compiles a list that provides you with an extensive choice. As a result, it is much easier to find the lowest fares. However, don’t keep your expectations too high because reliable sources will list prices relatively closer to one another but you can save a considerable amount on the comparisons anyway.


A travel search engine; Kayak serves as a middle man for users to get hold of the best airfares anywhere in the world. One great feature which Kayak offers is ‘hacker fares.” This allows you to book a connecting flight, sometimes on separate airlines, which adds up to lower costs than the single non-stop trip. The website also offers fare tracking that is helpful in alerting you when fares go down on your itinerary of choice. Again, with Kayak, you can find affordable options if your travel plans are quite flexible. Otherwise, it’s very hard to get a good deal.     


This is another platform which acts as a middleman for airlines and other travel websites. Think of it as the Google for airline ticketing. Once you fill in the details of your travel plans, the website will create a list of various places where you can book the ticket.

You eventually end up on another site to actually buy the ticket but you have to be thankful to Skyscanner for finding these results in the first place. Although it is a great place to search, there is nothing that makes it unique as compared to other websites doing the same thing.  

Google Flights

Google is the undoubted king of search engines so it would be difficult to complete the list without the company. Also, it would be surprising if Google didn’t provide a platform for finding a wide range of airline prices. The trouble with Google is that it won’t be easy to operate for a newbie.

Thanks to the internet, there are many conveniences being added to our lives. Being able to find and compare ever-rising airline ticket prices is one of them. Be sure to make use of the websites given above next time you are searching for a cheap flight ticket. 

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