Your Ultimate iPhone 13 Buying Guide

Announced and released in the month of September 2021, the iPhone 13 lineup has received an overwhelming response as always. According to the new pattern, Apple now launches 3 to 4 new iPhones each year along with other devices, such as Macbooks and iPads. 

So, if you are wondering which one of the newly released iPhone 13 models is the right phone for you, we’re here to help. This is your ultimate iPhone 13 buying guide because here we are going to discuss the prices, specs, colors, and sizes of all the phones in the all-new iPhone 13 lineup.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Names of the Newly Released iPhone Models in 2021

When it comes to naming the phones, Apple has been following the same pattern for the last two years with the addition of mini models since 2020. The new iPhone 13 lineup has iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 (the standards model), and iPhone 13 mini. These are four different models falling in different price categories. This is how Apple is catering to its wide customer base. 

All of the iPhone models look supercool software and hardware wise but there are many different ways you can personalize your iPhone to make it match your style, like getting a new phone case or changing the appearance of your software theme from light to dark or vice versa.

iPhone 13 Lineup Displays 

We know when it comes to tech, Apple tries to bring its customers the best. This is why the technology in its phones is often delayed. The company had to face a lot of criticism for not introducing the 120-hertz refresh rate in the display of the iPhone 12 lineup. However, this issue has been addressed with the launch of the iPhone 13 models. If you are buying a Pro or Pro Max model, you’ll get to enjoy a display with a higher refresh rate, officially marketed and known as ProMotion. 

The display size of each phone varies, on the basis of which, they have been priced and named. Starting with the largest phone, which is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the screen size of this device is 6.7 inches. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 are of the same size and have a screen measuring 6.1 inches diagonally. Last but not least, the iPhone 13 mini is a perfect fit for someone who likes smaller phones. Its 5.4-inch bezel-less display will ideally fit in your palm.

Smaller Notch

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Apple has retained its notch display since the launch of the iPhone X, which took place back in 2017. It is mainly because of the complex face ID and front camera technology the notch houses. While some Android rivals are now offering a full-screen display without any hole-punch or camera cutouts, iPhone has reduced the size of the notch of iPhones in 2021, which may not be still enough for the tech enthusiasts out there. A lot of articles are being published these days on the internet that Apple will get rid of the notch with iPhone 14 in 2022. We’ll just have to wait until the launch of the next iPhone lineup to see if that’s true or not.

New Camera and Video Features

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Packed with a whole lot of amazing features, iPhone 13 is indeed the best iPhone ever. The phone’s Pro and Pro Max models have the ProMotion display, which would make your video-making experience even more exciting. iPhones also now feature the macro camera, which uses the ultrawide mode to capture crystal clear images of minuscule things and objects. 

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models are the first-ever phones manufactured by the company to support Apple’s ProRes video codec. The company already introduced the ProRes mode for photos in all of its last year’s phone models. All phones from the iPhone 13 lineup support 4K video recording up to 60 frames per second. You can also activate Dolby Vision while recording HDR videos in 4K mode. Also, the Cinematic video mode on the new iPhones works with the Telephoto, Wide, and TrueDepth cameras.

iPhone 13 Lineup Has the Best Battery to Date

Yes, you read it right! Despite being among some of the most awesome flagship phones, iPhone is usually mocked because of the poor battery life it was offering all these years. But, iPhone 13 lineup is a game-changer in this regard. All of the iPhones launched in 2021 have long-lasting batteries. 

According to a recently conducted battery test by the famous YouTuber, Mrwhosetheboss, the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro Max can last up to 10 hours with heavy usage, which is a massive jump, considering the battery performances of almost all of the previous generations of iPhones. The detailed results of this battery test for each model have been listed as under:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 9 hours 52 minutes 
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 8 hours 17 minutes 
  • iPhone 13: 7 hours 45 minutes 
  • iPhone 13 mini: 6 hours 26 minutes

Improved Performance with Apple A15 Bionic Chip

All the phones of the iPhone 13 lineup are remarkable when it comes to performance and speed. They are all packed with A15 Bionic Chip, which is Apple’s latest and most powerful processor. It comes packed with 5G support and amazing AI capabilities. The A15 processor is also found in iPad mini, which is another successfully selling device manufactured by Apple. 

iOS in iPhone 13 models

All the iPhone 13 models come with iOS 15 by default. It is Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones. This means you’ll enjoy the same software experience whether you’re using a mini or a Pro Max model. 

Another thing that should be appreciated about Apple is that it is still providing software updates and security support to its 6 to 7 years old phones, which means if you are using an iPhone SE (1st generation), you can still upgrade to iOS 15 and enjoy the latest software experience. 

Better Connectivity with Improved 5G, But Same Old Wifi Bandwidth

iPhone 13 series have been equipped with the next generation 5G internet technology. For now, all the newly launched phones will give you the same 4G/5G speeds as the ones you experience in iPhone 12 models. But, in the future, with the advancement of 5G infrastructure, these phones are going to perform a lot better and faster than all of their predecessors in terms of internet connectivity. 

On the contrary to what was widely rumored, iPhone 13 didn’t bring Wifi 6E technology with it, which is the next generation of Wifi Connectivity. The technology offers Wifi bandwidth speeds up to 6GHz. It is a bit disappointing for iPhone users around the world as they might have to wait another year to get their hands on this advanced Wifi technology.

How Much Each Model Costs: Price of iPhone 13 in 2021

The pricing pattern of all iPhone 13 models is more or less the same as the last year’s iPhone lineup. Here are the prices of the base models of the iPhone 13 lineup in 2021:

  • iPhone 13 mini: Starts from $699 (128GB variant)
  • iPhone 13: Starts from $799 (128GB variant)
  • iPhone 13 Pro: Starts from $999 (128GB variant)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: Starts from $1099 (128GB variant)

There you have it—your complete iPhone 13 buying guide. We hope the information we have shared above will help you come up with an informed decision. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly but flagship-level latest iPhone, you can buy an iPhone SE (2nd generation). It is one of the best smartphones you can buy for under $500 in 2021.


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