Which site should you trust for movie ratings?

Back in the old days, the trailer of a movie was enough for the audience to get persuaded to watch it. Thanks to the internet, people now rely on websites with review and rating before watching a movie.

We all watch movies and a lot of them. Before coming to the phase of watching, there are a lot of factors to consider. The director, the actors, the other element of attractions based on the genre of a movie and its budget.

Is a movie review more of a movie spoiler?

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Many people take reviews as movie spoilers that is why they try to avoid reading them. However, our point of discussion is for those who read reviews and a lot of them. When you type the term ‘movie review’ on your internet search engine, you will see a list of websites.

Different websites show you different reviews and ratings of a particular movie

Different websites give you different reviews and ratings about a particular movie you are looking for because of the difference in regions and preferences. You may be familiar of many of the websites that we have listed for you below and most of them are regularly visited by us for movie ratings.

So, let’s dig in for some more details regarding your favorite and most visited movie rating sites!


Of course, it tops the list and is one of the most visited websites for movie reviews and ratings. The website boasts itself as “the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.”

They are right about their platform as IMDB is the very first name that comes to our mind when we are talking about movie reviews. We not only find trailers but every single detail about a particular movie or TV show that we are looking for.

IMDB shorts for Internet Movie Database and over all these years, this platform has proven its credibility over all these years. It is a movie rating and review platform originally operated by fans. It stands among one of the most trusted movie review platforms.

Rotten Tomatoes

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Rotten Tomatoes is another credible platform for review and rating of the movies. It may not be as vast as the IMBD but here you can get the opinions of thousands of critics who are known as ‘Approved Tomatometer Critics’

Tomatometer is there special scale of rating a movie. Again, this website can be seen in the top searches and the review given by this particular platform can be relied on.

This website is now helping millions of fans around the world, letting them to come up with a decision as to which movie they consider worth watching.


As goes by the name, this website is based on the reviews by the critics on new releases as well as old entertainment content. Here we have used the term ‘entertainment content’ because this website covers not only movies but games, tv, music; everything that is made for the sake of entertainment. make use of a phenomenon called ‘METASCORES’ which is actually based on the score of each review given for a particular movie. This helps us decide that whether it is worth watching because no one want to waste spending their time on the stuff that is not of their interest.

Yahoo Movies

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Like any other tech company, Yahoo has always tried to keep its existence everywhere. To retain the inflow of audience, it has created an online platform where we can find all the information regarding entertainment industry especially movies.

The website holds all the key information regarding movies like movies that have been released in past and upcoming ones. Plus, it has all the news and gossips material related to your favorite celebrities. It also contains trailers, clips, box office and theater information regarding a movie.

Everything that we look out for before coming to a decision of watching a movie can be found here at Yahoo Movies.

Some of the most popular movie review websites have already been listed

Yes, above are a few of the most reliable and globally renowned movie rating and review websites. These websites serve people by providing to them information about upcoming as well as already released movies.

Everyone has different purpose of visiting a movie review or rating website and interest varies from person to person. Some people are horror freak while others like thriller and Sci-Fi movies.

Now you know the names of some of the most famous rating sites. Each of these websites uses a unique phenomenon to help visitors know that whether the movie they are looking for is worth watching or not.

After reading all this useful information about movie rating sites, which website will you be visiting to keep yourself entertained watching movies with only the best reviews?

What do you think?

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