Where Should you Travel Next in 2020?

Travelling has been an exhilarating hobby which people have developed in themselves for a variety of purposes. In today’s world, we in our normal routine run throughout the day for work, for house chores, dealing with multiple people and whatnot. So as a getaway from all that stress and fatigue, travelling has somehow become a necessity too. There are multiple destinations to visit for vacations; from high mountains to places with beaches, and from the sea all around such as the Maldives, to places having skyscrapers and multiplexes and much more. Here’s where you should travel next in 2020:

Fanjingshan, China

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Fanjingshan, China’s latest UNESCO World Heritage site, is worth the climb.
A sacred Buddhist site which had 47 temples once and which stood on the mountain. This place rewards hikers with unusual rock formations, and above the cloud view of China’s Wuling mountain range. The steepest climb is to 7,653 feet Red Clouds Golden Summit, where there are two temple-topped peaks linked by a bridge. Also, you could skip the hike and instead ride the summit cable car, but obviously hiking offers an up-close look at Fanjingshan’s rich biodiversity and gives an exhilarating experience, which includes rare species, such as the gray snub-nosed monkey.

Cairo, Egypt

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The land of the Pharaohs has been welcoming tourists for a long time now. It’s strange that archaeologists haven’t discovered hieroglyphics depicting backpackers. Sadly, the country’s tourist trade has taken a beating in recent times with security concerns and political upheaval keeping many visitors away. But, while the sand has been settling on deserted classic monuments, Egyptologists have been brushing it gently aside elsewhere to discover a
litany of exciting finds, many of which are now being opened to the public.

Mummies, sphinxes, tombs and fresh pyramid mysteries have all been unearthed over the past year, as Egypt proves time and again it has many more secrets yet to be revealed. And while safety concerns persist, hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings take place without incident each year. Likewise, Egypt’s main Red Sea resorts are considered safe.


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Oman has it all, from golden dunes under panoramic skies, epic mountain ranges and waters teeming with dolphins and turtles. It has the world’s largest sand desert named Empty Quarter and can be ventured into with guides for your own Lawrence of Arabia adventures. Sharqiya Sands offers resorts and camps and activities such as camel-racing, sand-skiing and 4WD dune-bashing.

In addition to that, the Hajar Mountains, with stunning views over steep canyons, can be explored by horseback or by foot and can be combined with a visit to the ancient city of Nizwa, with its fort and legendary souk.

Lastly, Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve is the beach where green turtles come to nest. There are also many dolphin-spotting opportunities all along Oman’s generous coastline, including Muscat, the port capital.

These are the top 3 destinations you should travel to in 2020, although there are many more breathtaking and mesmerizing places which can be used a vacation spot as well. Keeping in view their budgets, allocated time for travel, nature of travel and etc, one can pick out any of these places and plan their trips with multiple websites available from where you can get your tickets and hotel booked.

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