What Role Can A Government Play to Stop Violence?

Each year a lot of people owe their life to violence. If they are lucky enough not to get killed, still they have to face life threatening situation, which is far more painful. Neither adults nor children are safe from violence.

Other factors promoting violence

Even that we have already mentioned the two main factors behind the increase of violence globally, there are still some unmentioned forces that ignite the fire. Social insecurities and poverty also play an eminent role. These two things including other elements have to be closely monitored by stakeholders.

What can a government do to prevent violence?

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It is not a single step but can be taken as a set of actions that are required to be taken if they want to stop violence. We never want anyone to be pointing guns at each other or using any other kind of weaponry for the sake of spreading terror.

In order to get rid of all kind of social evils, the government firstly needs to one by one cater to every single problem separately. These layers of rustiness caused by violence have amounted to an extreme degree thus the eradication would be gradual.

Willingness to change

To start with, the political will to change is the foremost step any Government should take. It needs to be started on the Government level and then be dragged down to the Public level. Assembling of Plan of action if they align with the will to change.

Committed leadership at the top level with strong partnership at the public level will bring everybody on one page. This will be an effective start to the process of coming up with sustainable solutions to prevent violence.

The citizens should feel important


Next is to make the citizens understand their importance. It is essential for them to feel valued enough to work with each other and for their country. Government should develop tools to reach to every child and individual with the solutions to any kind of violence they might be facing.

Domestic leadership team

Government can’t particularly reach out to all the locals, thus building a domestic leadership team can shape up a first-rate communication system. This leadership team can act as an intermediary between the public and government. Good communication aids to stronger ties.

Starting with criminality

Biggest point of concern in any country, when talking of violence, is definitely the criminality. Criminalities come with reasons, there are always an objective behind every crime. These reasons need to be brought on the table and discussed.

Dialogue can bring about an in-depth understanding to these reasons. Once the root of the problem is addressed, it always becomes easy to work around the solutions. Basic idea is to prevent the reasons that draw the criminals into such behavior. Every single reason has to be treated with a solution.

Why the hate speeches?

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Hate speeches are simply outrageous thus unacceptable. Government should come up with proper planned programs to combat hate speech culture. These programs could encourage people to explain themselves and the motives that lead them to post hate speeches.

There is a need to introduce more programs and activities that help school children to learn the importance of talking and behaving well. Violence is also present amongst these children, whether insecurity or jealousy, this again draws them into an unacceptable behavior.

Social insecurities, always been a taboo

Racism, sexism, jealousy, work insecurity, economical, be it any sort, causes a great damage to one’s feelings. Outbursts of frustration from these insecurities, lead to a permanent violent behavior. Specifically, Government needs to arrange lectures and activities which helps people mingle with each other.

Getting to know about each other’s challenges will help them interpret each other better. Also, activities and games which require team members to support one another could help endorse the idea of lifting each other up instead of pulling down.

Poverty, empty stomachs leading to bizarre acts


Poverty, has hugely contributed to the increase in global violence. Empty stomach does lead to the bizarre acts that individuals are sometimes forced to pull out. Government must start donation drives and hunger solutions for people who can’t afford to have proper meals.

Setting up programs that the privileged people can participate in and donate as much as they can. Moreover, The economical flow and balance have to be stable enough to let every individual sleep without starvation.

Protection of Women against Domestic violence

Violence against women is endemic. Especially, The main driver of violence is the gender inequality. Government needs to educate women about physical and mental violence. Special training should be provided to women to make them capable enough to act against any sort of immorality instead of becoming a victim to it.

Proper laws need to be set by the government on protection of women. All in all, this plan of action to eradicate violence should be considered by the government. However, If these steps would be followed every country is sure to progress towards betterment.


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