What makes Football the most popular sport in the world?

Call it the simplicity or the charm that the game itself carries, Football, aka Soccer, is the most popular sport in the world. So, let’s dig in and find out some incredibly surprising factors behind this popularity.

Standing among one of the most popular team sports in the world. Football has managed to gain massive fan following around the world. The game itself is very simple and interesting. A lot of people play it and learn the skills by making it a part of daily routine.

In local communities around the world people play and challenge each other as not much of the sport equipment are required to play football and that it can be played everywhere. While talking about football, let’s take a brief look at the history of this sport!

In the above video, Desmond Morris who is a very famous author of human sociobiology explains the popularity of Football referring to his own personal experience.

History of Football


The traces of Football’s origin can be found in the game of rugby. However, in the later years, this newly emerging game took a complete form as a different sport with obviously different sport having a new set of rules in the late 1800s when the Football Association was formed in England.

Factors behind Football’s popularity

Of course, our main purpose of putting up all this information is to discuss the factors that are impactfully playing the role in the global popularity of Football as one of the most thriving sports. So, let’s check on some of the most important factors behind the Football’s immense fame.

It’s Simple


Simple things attract us more because they can be easily understood. The same thing implies in the case of Football. It is one of the simplest games to comprehend. Not only those who are watching but also the ones who are playing must know the art of goal scoring.

Apart from that, we see a team of players who are on the field playing from different angles and positions. There are certain rules such as red card, yellow card, offsides and corners. None of these aspects is difficult to understand for someone who is new to this game.

It’s Energizing

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A football match lasts only 90 mins, packing all the thrill and action. Those who follow Football love everything about the game. They feel extremely excited upon seeing their favorite players continuously in action as they battle one another to score a goal.

The game is divided in two halves and of course each of them is decisive as they can be proven a game changer. In today’s world where we get to experience distractions from multiple resources after every few moments, a football match that has a very limited time turns out to be extremely energizing.

Expansive Media Coverage

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When you have billions of fans of a particular sport then it is for sure that every kind of media does all out effort to cover it. Yes, this is why we come across news regarding Football at almost every channel of media.

Be it a newspaper or the newsfeed of our social media account, we can stay delightfully updated with the progress of our favorite player or the entire team in a particular football match. Almost all of the digital and electronic media covers all the main events of Football.

Fame of Players

The popularity of Football is directly related to the popularity of players who are famous internationally. Yes, here the game gains fame because of the players and again the players become popular because of the sport they take part in. This is an extremely interesting phenomenon.

We know a lot of players including David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who have become more than just football players and now they are the real celebrities.

Many of the people only watch Football game because they want to see players like them performing in the field while making the crowd cheer.


To play Football, all you need is to kick a ball around. No expensive accessories or gadgets are required.  It is one of those sports that can be easily played at any place. Young kids usually play it on streets and playgrounds around the world.

Football is usually popular among teenagers and young adults. Some play it leisurely while others play it with full passion. However, everyone enjoys it no matter what. There are a lot of imperative factors contributing to the success of this game

Diversity of the game

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Here we are talking about the most followed sport of the world. Despite being an extremely simple game, Football is diverse, dynamic, thrilling and inclusive. Of course, all these factors are enough to keep your eyes glued to the action this sport has to offer.

Keeping in view the popularity of this game, the governments and stakeholders in multiple countries are promoting it not only at national but also at local level. They know that this game is very enticing and griping, plus it can positively affect societies around the globe in various aspects.


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