What is Hyperloop?

While most of us are constantly keeping track of Hyperloop’s development and progress, there are still several people amongst us who just came across the word Hyperloop and are yet in a state of awe. So for all you out there wondering what the Hyperloop is all about, this is what you need to know…

Elon Musk, a billionaire inventor, entrepreneur behind Tesla and PayPal and of course CEO of Space X was the man who proposed the concept of The Hyperloop in around 2012. It can be seen as a new mode of transportation being introduced which is similar to a high-speed train. What makes the hyperloop unique is the idea of allowing passengers to travel in pods that move inside large sized tubes/ tunnels which are surrounded by air pressure.

This method reduces friction drastically and allows for high-speed safe travels. During an event in California, Elon proposed the Hyperloop of being weather resistant, having low power consumption and possessing twice the speed of an airplane! He even further compared his technology to how a puck glides in air hockey. Although the idea has been proposed to the world since 2012 and the hyperloop completed its first public test in May 2016, the final release is yet expected to be introduced to the world by 2020-21.

Some main features of the Hyperloop that one should be aware of is that the pod will be driven either by a magnetic system called ‘passive magnetic levitation’ or by air expelled from the vessels. The Tube/ tunnel that would be carrying the pod will be suspending off the ground which would enable harsh weather conditions and natural calamities like an earthquake. The roof of the Hyperloop would have solar panels installed in order to generate a self-powering and clean system. Musk has proposed for the Hyperloop to travel at an immense high speed with the highest being at 760 mph! So one can only imagine how within a matter of a few minutes only you’ll be arriving in a different state or city.

So now that you know what the Hyperloop is all about, many of us travelers and digital nomads would be a lot more excited for its arrival and here’s why…  for all the global nomads out there, our lives may change drastically when the hyperloop reveals itself to the world. No more long hours at the airport, no more costly bus fares or long train rides, no more delays and most importantly no more time wasted. So what does all this mean for us nomads?  The answer is simple, it means that not only will this incredible technology get us to places even faster than before; saving a large amount our precious time but it is also a brilliant approach to creating greater opportunities for ourselves and others. With more travel comes more destinations which then increases more opportunities leading to more networking and greater social circles! Imagine the number of new people you could meet in the time that would have otherwise been wasted in traveling by car, bus, train or plane. With Hyperloop being soon introduced and work/ living spaces being listed on sites like Startupbnb, the increase in our networking would only be minutes away, making our travel experience pretty much hassle free!


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