What Convinced Me That Apple’s Devices Are Faster Than Other Devices

People unintentionally tend to recommend and choose Apple over any other device, this is no more a habit but has rather become a pattern, with reasons that very obviously favor their preference. The kind of brand value Apple has is definitely unmatchable.

Reasons I Deduced!   


According to me every device has their own pros and cons, its not like other devices aren’t worth buying, it’s just that Apple has convinced me to not make any other brand a part of my purchase. Apple gave me numerous reasons to believe that it is the fastest one.

Faster is an understatement

Apple’s devices or phones are not just efficient but faster than any other device I have used up till now. This A11 Bionic Chip is the most amazing thing in these Apple phone systems that I came across, it itself is enough to beat any device when compared to it.

A11 Bionic Chip is a 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip, which is a powerful processor and so fast that it is blowing all the other phones and even some laptops away, it also supports very vigorous games and heavy apps that made using Apple’s devices a smooth experience for me.

Combination of Hardware and Software

Apple’s hardware and software combination, is a perfect deal for anyone who appreciates good, upgraded and smart devices, to carry out major tasks in simple clicks like I do. Apple’s phones were the first ones to introduce 3D Touch Display in iPhone 6s.

I like how it allows me to take quick actions just by long pressing an app icon on the home screen. Plus, iPhone X with its feature of logging me in by scanning my face is impressive. Their Hardware and Software team sure knows how to work together to make iPhone better and incomparable.

Ease of using a familiar User Interface

Nokia had been the easiest phone to use in earlier days when smart phones had not been introduced. I dig phones that are easy to use because why go through all those tough steps and learning processes just to use a phone. iPhone has consistently remained the easiest in usage so far, and thus faster.

There are other devices that have changed look and feel wise but what I like about Apple’s devices is their evergreen classy look. The most important factor for me is that Apple constantly works the same way as it used to in the start with the same pace and ease.

Availability of best apps

iPhone has set such standards among the audience that I know when it comes to new and updated apps iPhone has it all. I know that I don’t have to think twice about an app, that launched recently, not being on my phone because iPhone makes sure it is available there and then.

This is the reason why every developer wants to launch their app through the platform of iPhone only. Every app has to run on iPhone first, thus faster not only when it comes to pace and processor but also when its about all the latest updates, new apps and current trends.

Family sharing

Family Sharing is an app on iPhone that comes with its own set of benefits, providing the whole family a way to share their purchases with each other. I really am all for this feature because it keeps me connected to my mother, father and sister in discussing each and everything that we want to purchase.

There is also an availability of ‘Ask To Buy’ feature which is to keep a check on what kids are buying and how much is it amounting up to. Other features allow sharing photo albums, calendar and keeping a track of where kids are on the map, making it much more interesting for me.

Updates when required

I had heard that every update is immediately available on every iPhone as soon as it is launched or put up in the systems. It’s when I experienced it my own self, that made me realize, it is far more efficient than talked about.

When iOS 11 was launched, within a week it was installed in many iOS devices, by 2018 it was already there on 65% of the devices. This became one more reason as to why I think Apple’s devices are faster because no matter which device, I can update the latest version as soon as it is out.

No Bloatware

Bloatware are all those apps that are usually not in use, but are already there in every phone, taking up the disk space that could otherwise be used for apps that are useful. One more fact that makes me think Apple’s devices are different than every other available in the market.

I checked, plus it is a fact that there is no carrier software already present in iPhone, which makes it a very clean phone to use. Apple never includes apps that we don’t use and with iOS 11 we can always delete the already built-in that are not required.

These are all the reasons why I think Apple’s devices are faster than any other plus this is out in the open that iPhone or any other Apple device in highly unrivaled.


What do you think?