What Are the Best Free Music Apps for Android And iOS?

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Every music lover, has their own taste in music, and thus wants to listen to their favorites whenever and wherever they feel like. These apps are not only free to download but gives these lovers the joy of listening to it for free.

What Is the Use of Music Apps?

Through these apps you can make your own personal playlists, set up your own music library, listen to livestreaming music, discover new artists, stay updated and identify new songs. All of this and that too within minutes, these free apps allow you to listen to music in every manner a person can think of.

Let’s discuss these 7 best music apps for you to download. These are certainly going to make you enter this whole new music world where every song will just be a click away! Best part about these apps is that they are all compatible for both Android and iOS.


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One of the widely used music apps, it is mostly famous due to its streaming music feature. It gives you a music experience that transforms with your continually changing tastes. It allows you to create stations from your favorite artists, genres and songs. Let’s you listen to music according to your mood.

You just enter the song or the artist you want to listen to and with that Pandora gives you suggestions according to your taste. As you’re listening, you can rate these songs, thus Pandora plays similar songs according to ratings. You can also bookmark the artists you love to revisit them later.


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Shazam is that one app which is cool in its own way. This app is best used when you have heard a song somewhere and you can’t remember its name. It entirely recognizes the worth of music and TV around you. Best way to find, survey and share the music you love.

Fun part about Shazam is that when it listens to a song playing, it tells the user the name of the song and the artist. Each song on Shazam is saved as a tag. Sharing these tags with your friends and viewing their tags is a brilliant feature Shazam consists of.

It gives users a one-tap access to video clips, song lyrics, related tracks and streaming services.


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Spotify, has made it effortless to find the right music for every moment, on your phone, tablet, computer etc. It is a spectacular app to follow your favorite artists and sync music from your desktop. Let’s you create a radio station and recommend you music according to your interest.

You can easily browse through the top music lists, find new music releases and searching for other’s playlists. What’s more enjoyable is that it notifies the users whenever a new music album or song has been released by the artists you follow. Always stay updated with Spotify.


A fan of radio? Well, iHeartRadio is exactly what you need. If you have been looking for a radio app for your mobile device, iHeartRadio ticks all the boxes. It doesn’t only connect you to the radio channel near you but also helps you discover thousands of live and local AM and FM radio stations.

It supports numerous devices, has stunning features and shows absolutely no commercials. Appealing right? With listening to podcasts and creating your own music stations, comes an alarm clock feature which helps you set a sleep timer so it would go off after so and so minutes or hours.

Other features include you viewing the lyrics while listening to the songs, viewing the artists biographies, and sharing stations with others.


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SoundCloud is another interesting app because it contains fun both ways, as in tons of audios uploaded by users of homemade music and music from known artists. This also comes with an advantage of following music artists and keep track of user’s new uploads as well.

SoundCloud itself claims that it makes you hear what you want to hear. It has everything a music enthusiast requires. Simply create an account for free via Facebook or Google+ or by email. When combined, 10+ hours of audio are uploaded every minute from the users.

It’s A Whole Lot of Fun!

Create your own playlists and gladly share it with other users. Some devices allow you to record your audio directly through the app only.

Taking every app into consideration separately, all of these are way out of the box. Each having an amazing line of features to present to the users, for them to make the most of their time by listening to some melodious music. It takes just a click and you’ve entered into a musical trip you won’t forget.


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