What are our responsibilities as good citizens?

A responsible approach is something that is needed by every society on the face of this planet. It makes us think and act for the betterment of the country or state we live in. It is absolutely way better than the blame game people are fond of. Having responsible citizens around us and being one of them have countless benefits and it can surely bring a fruitful change to our society.

We know that it is the basic right of every citizen to be treated rightfully and equally but are the citizens responsible enough? This very important fact is rarely considered but of course, we can do it on individual levels to bring bigger changes in a particular society.

These kinds of acts are extremely important for a state to progress and today we will be discussing a lot of societal factors that will also be reflecting the duties and responsibilities that we have as citizens. All these matters are extremely simple, we just need to broaden our perceptions.

Recognizing our duties

The first and most important thing to consider while acting like a good citizen is to realize what your duty is as a citizen. After considering them, the second step is about acting in a way to fulfil your duties in order for the betterment of society.

Being a good neighbor and a responsible member of the local community, you are living in can do a lot in terms of putting you in the list of civilized and concerned citizens of the state. Seeing you involved in doing good for the society can urge a lot of other people to follow your footsteps.

Following rules

Source: The Guardian Nigera

Another important factor that has to be taken care by all of us while behaving responsibly in our society is the following of the rules and obligations. Every society has a policy and principles that are made to retain peace and harmony. Violation of rules can disrupt everything and of course, it also comes in our duty to stop individuals from doing so.

If some of these basic aspects are properly taken care of, then every society can become an ideal society, inspiring others come up with similar rules and principles.

Obeying the law

Source: The Hindu

We might think that we are doing everything according to the law but it is not the way we think. Most of the times, a lot of individuals act in a way that their actions make them to ignore local laws intentionally or unintentionally. This ignorance can put not only us but also people around us in trouble.

However, obeying the law is one of the most important responsibilities of us as citizens. The authorities that govern our societies make laws to keep everything in order so that the day-to-days matters run smoothly. These laws are obviously for our protection and betterment so we must put in our sincere efforts to act according to them.

Spreading awareness


It happens with almost all of us that we come to know about information that is either good or bad for us and the people living around us. At that moment, it becomes our responsibility to relay that information among our neighbors and other people living around us either for betterment or protection of the society we live in.

A lot of mediums and channels can be used in today’s world to broadcast our message in every direction. Almost everyone among us uses social media these days. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and a lot of other related platforms help us to pass on the information publicly and it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get your message across.

Using our power to vote


Yes, we have the right to choose our leaders. It is one of the fundamental responsibilities of citizens to take part in the voting process and cast vote for someone who they think can do good for the society they live in. A lot of people among us never vote. They think that their one vote could not make a different.

This is where the problem lies as the people don’t know that their one vote can do a lot for the state or the country they live. We must also urge others to vote for the right candidate considering it as one of our responsibilities.

Summarizing it all

All these actions of ours may look simple but they can surely bring greater changes to the society we live in.  Taking care of all the aspects discussed above can make us an extremely eminent and concerned citizen of our country.

The fate of individuals and the societies they live in strongly depends on their behavior and actions. If we all come together and start avoiding the things that negatively impact our surroundings, then we can feasibly make the state or country we live in progress and prosper in the right direction.


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