7 Used Cars You Can Buy Under $5000 in 2021

Buying a car could be one of the biggest investment decisions of your life. This is why you need to think about all aspects and consequences entailing it before you make your move. You would never want to spend your entire life savings on a brand-new car, which is getting more expensive day by day.

However, if you check the used car market, you’ll come across many budget-friendly options with pretty decent specifications. From hatchbacks to sedans and 4-wheel-drive vehicles, you have many different cars to choose from. 

In this article, we have prepared a list of the 7 best used cars you can buy under $5000 in 2021 to help you speed up your car hunting process.

Honda Insight (1999 model)

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The very first Honda Insight was introduced in Japan in 1999, after which it made it to other countries. It had a very aerodynamic and futuristic shape. The car had good mileage, providing 53 miles per US gallon. 

According to many auto experts, the first generation of Honda Insight is the most fuel-efficient among all the other generations of the car that have been launched so far. It also belongs to one of the earliest and most successful generations of hybrid cars. In fact, it was the very first hybrid car available in North America, a few months after which, Prius was launched in the market.

Ford Ranger (2008 model)

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Ford sells a variety of different vehicles (mostly trucks) around the world under the banner of the Ford Ranger. It is the second most successfully running pickup truck made by the company after the Ford F-150, the recent model of which has been released by the company as a fully electric vehicle named Ford F-150 Lightning.

Coming back to our topic, which is about cars you can buy under $5000, we must say that the model of Ford Ranger, which was launched back in 2008 is another great option for you. It is a very reliable car with an extremely powerful engine. You can use it for your adventures or even as your workhorse because of its incredible durability.

Buick Park Avenue (1997 model)

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When talking about affordable cars to buy in 2021, the 1997 model of Buick Park Avenue is another good option that we can discuss. Owing to its majestic look, the car was featured in a lot of Holywood movies of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The year 1997 marked the launch of the second generation of this car. 

The full-sized luxury sedan was first launched in 1975 by the name of Buick Electra and Buick Royaum, both of which are its predecessors. If the car is in good condition, it would still look amazing, due to its extremely smooth-looking and graceful body, which perfectly defines it as a luxurious sedan. A lot of people who own or have this car to date are very happy about the car’s fuel average and its comfortable interior.

Honda Accord (2003 model)

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A car that can last up to 300,000 miles or even more, Honda Accord is recognized as one of the most durable sedans in the world. The very first Honda Accord was a three-door hatchback and was launched in the late 1970s. Only a few years later, the car got a sedan facelift due to its popularity. 

In 2003, Honda made Accord a more aggressive coupe. It was introduced with a 240 horsepower engine. The same model was being sold in Japan by the name of Honda Inspire. If we talk about the fuel average of the Honda Accord 2003, the car would use around 3.8 gallons per 100 miles. Along with the US, Honda Accord has also ruled many different car markets around the world as a family favorite sedan, which it truly deserved to be called.

Infiniti J30

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Infiniti J30 is also one of the best affordable cars to buy in 2021. The car was introduced in 1993 almost three decades ago. The same car was marketed and sold as Nissan Leopard J Ferie in Japan. When the car was launched, it was in direct competition with luxury sedans like Acura Legend and Lexus GS400.

The Infiniti J30 has a classic and versatile design as a four dour coup of the 1990s era. As a luxury sedan, the interior of the car was quite exquisite. It had comfortable seats and carpeted floor mats. If the engine of the car is in very good condition, it gives around 23 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per hour on the highway. It is neither too big nor too small, which is why it was sold in the mid-size sedan segment, a size preferred by a lot of people in America even today.

Jeep Cherokee (1996 model)

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If you are looking for a ride that would be with you on all your adventurous journeys, then you should go for Jeep Cherokee if you have a limited budget. It is one of the best-selling four-wheel-drive vehicles of its time. If you maintain it in a proper way, the car could go a long way because it has been designed to last.

Cherokee is still widely used by people all over the country.  This vehicle pioneered the concept of modern sports utility vehicles in the US. Different types of Jeep Cherokee models have ruled the US market from 1984 to 1996. A very famous journalist from the field of auto industry called Jeep Cherokee “the greatest car of all time” in one of his publications.

Lexus LS400 (1989 model)

Lexus LS400 and Toyota Crown looked almost identical. Both of these cars belonged to the same parent company. Lexus LS400 had a V-8 engine and keeping in view its specifications, it was very reasonably priced, costing around $35000.  Luckily, now you may not have to break the bank to buy a luxurious car like Lexus LS400, which is why we have included it in our list of the used cars you can buy under $5000.

However, Lexus LS400 became quite famous in the US when it was launched in the late 1980s. It was one of the very first Japanese luxury cars that made it to the US market. It started to compete with other luxury sedans in the market including Acura Legend, which was another Japanese car, and different cars of Mercedes, including the very famous Mercedes Benz.

These were some of the best options to explore while looking for cars you can buy for under $5000 in 2021. Make sure to buy a used car from a reliable dealership and thoroughly check its condition before closing. Also, make sure you have all the essentials you need in your car. If any of your friends or family members are also looking to buy a used car within a limited budget, don’t forget to share this article with them, so they can also do their car hunting homework properly.


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