Travel & Food: A Match Made in Heaven

“You have to taste a culture to understand it”

Food is the way we meet people whether it be at the local market, café or while visiting a new country. Travelling around the globe and eating local food comes with an added advantage of socializing with the locals. It is an experience that has no parallel. Food is also something that we enjoy both for the taste and the sociable nature of the eating process.

Food is a Great Leveler when travelling and is an easy way to meet people.

Eating with local people, shopping in random marketplaces and cooking with a family you’ve never met before are moments that many travelers revel in their memoirs. It helps create a beautiful bond that is indescribable. Even if language is a slight barrier, food tends to break down any such issues. People travel to Italy specially to learn cooking, with travel and fun as an added advantage. Some of them tend to make some new friends who stay connected for a lifetime.

Food tastes better in the country of origin

We like food, and we like to try different various cuisines, especially when traveling. Food holds the cultural essence of the country from where it originated. It has its own taste and aura. Even if it is made in a state-of-the-art kitchen of a restaurant in a foreign country it is not comparable to the taste of the country of origin even if it is made in a hut.

From harvest to the table, an ecofriendly and tasteful experience

Eating locally when we travel gives us an insight into the people. The true essence of the combination of food and travel is eating the local food which gives an opportunity to understand local cultures and traditions. One of the favorite things true travelers do is to go to the markets and interact with people chattering away, arguing over the latest news. Most locals are extremely hospitable and welcoming.

We see the produce and see what people are buying. Likewise, we like to pick up different things that seem to be popular with locals, and while we don’t always know what it is, we figure that if it is so popular then it must be good. We watch the people interact with one another and with us. These small glimpses are essential elements of the subtle exposure we get which somehow add value to our lives.


Food and travel are the two essential combos which every person should have in their hobbies. Not only does it provide a variety of food to taste, but also gives an immense amount of experience which adds values to the person’s knowledge and experience. There are many food travel blogs as well such as; Migrationology, road food, legal nomads, market manila etc. as there are a large number of people who believe that travel and food are a match made in Heaven!

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