Top 5 Tech YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

The world of technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Most of the electronic gadgets and mobile devices that are introduced nowadays are packed with amazing hi-tech features, which are required by both normal consumers and power users, who either buy these technologies for heavy gaming or to use them as professional tools. 

Luckily, nowadays, we have many different channels available on YouTube, which not only upload unboxing experiences of almost every famous tech product that is launched in the market but also share detailed reviews on features and user experiences related to it. 

Such kinds of videos help people to get familiar with the latest technology, giving in-depth information that is hardly mentioned on any spec sheet. Video reviews and unboxing experiences make the audience aware of all the major pros and cons of a new product, which they intend to buy. The content on technology is usually uploaded and shared on YouTube by the experts in the field, who have hands-on experience in using and dealing with hi-tech products. 

So, to help you identify and follow the best technology-related video content available on the internet, here we have listed down and discussed 5 of the top tech YouTubers you need to subscribe to. 

Marques Brownlee

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To begin our list of the best tech YouTubers in the world, we would like to mention the name of Marques Brownlee. He is more commonly known as “MKBHD”. MKB stands for Marques K. Brownlee and HD stands for high-definition. With over 13 million subscribers and billions of video views, he has one of the most popular channels on YouTube, especially in the field of technology. 

Marques makes videos on almost every new and famous technology. Probably the most popular tech YouTuber, the product reviews and comparisons by MKBHD are quite detailed and informative, which is loved by his audience. Recently, he uploaded and shared a video on Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

Check out the way this infamous American YouTuber has talked about all the key specs of this hi-tech vehicle. If you want to see Marques Brownlee’s video on Ford F-150 Lightning Truck now, click on the highlighted text. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to his channel to enjoy more interesting tech videos. 

Unbox Therapy

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Another very famous Tech-YouTube channel is “Unbox Therapy”. As the name suggests, this platform shares with you the exciting experience of unboxing the newest tech gadgets without making you spend any money at all to buy them! Amazing, isn’t it? The host of the channel, Lewis George Hilsenteger, has become one of the most renowned faces in the world of tech.

The tech YouTuber knows how to properly inspect almost every kind of technological device to provide viewers with detailed reviews of the products they’re looking to buy. Rolling out videos on all the latest tech stuff, Unbox Therapy has become one of the most famous Tech-YouTube channels and now has more than 16 million subscribers and over a billion video views. 

Apart from reviewing tech gadgets like smartphones, different types of smart devices, and laptops, Lewis also uses his channel to bring weird products to the attention of his viewers that they never knew existed. Click on the link to visit Unbox Therapy’s channel on YouTube. You can subscribe to it to get more interesting updates from the world of tech. 


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Arun Maini or more popularly known as MrWhoseTheBoss is the founder and host of a highly popular Tech YouTube channel. The exceptional work that Maini has done in all these years got him featured in renowned online publications like The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, and Business Insider. The articles on these websites praised his outstanding contributions to the tech segment on YouTube.

With more than 7 million subscribers, as well as hundreds of millions of views, on YouTube, MrWhoseTheBoss is among the most amazing tech YouTubers you should subscribe to. Want to subscribe to this channel now? Just follow this link to visit the YouTube channel of MrWhoseTheBoss and click on the ‘subscribe’ button. 

It is all because of those detailed smartphone reviews, in-depth comparison videos of different tech products and most importantly the liveliness Arun Maini adds to his video content through his excellent hosting skills that his channel has gained this much popularity in a very short time.

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Not many people know that the real name of the tech YouTuber who host and runs the SuperSaf YouTube channel is Safwan AhmedMia. It seems like the stage name of this guy has taken over. This technology expert running a highly successful channel on the world’s largest broadcasting website is also a British national. 

Owing to the immense popularity of his tech videos on YouTube, this internet personality has achieved over 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube and has more than 300 million total video views. This makes SuperSaf one of the largest tech influencers in the world. 

Bringing the latest and widest collection of news, views, and reviews that are based on the most innovative technology, Safwan AhmedMia is among the top tech YouTubers today. To head over to SuperSaf’s YouTube channel, click here. Also, make sure you have subscribed to it to get the best of tech on YouTube. 

Austin Evans 

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Whether it’s about the latest and most powerful gaming PCs or the most hi-tech or fully featured smartphones, the reviews posted by Austin Evans on YouTube are all about tech. The content he creates is loved by tech enthusiasts. On his self-titled channel, Austin Evans posts detailed reviews of products for a large audience base that he has. 

In a very short period, Austin Evans has achieved a lot of success as he is now among the most recognized tech YouTubers. His channel has around 5 million subscribers and crossed a whopping 1 billion views, as of now. If you want to catch all the latest content uploaded by Austin Evans, click on the highlighted text to visit his YouTube channel and become a subscriber. 

There you have it – a detailed round-up of the top 5 tech YouTubers you should subscribe to. By following them all, you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest tech content available on YouTube. 

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