Top Food Trends of the year 2017 from around the world

As the year 2017 is wrapping up, let’s spare some time to talk food.

Yes, you heard it right! Attention all the food lovers, we are talking about food today and a lot of it. The industry of food around the globe crucially depends on creation and innovation of taste. It is all revolves around experimenting with flavors and coming up with new invention, just like we see in every other science lab. Our quest for tasting new flavors never ends. In the same way every region around the world has its own sense and preference of taste. Some like it very much spicy while others like it a bit more salty while avoiding too much spice.

Whether it is fast food, a light snack or a home cooked meal; uniqueness of flavors is found everywhere. It is called the real magic of food; you won’t get bored of eating the same ingredients everyday cooked in variety of styles. It is not only about taste but the elements related to textures and presentations are also involved. Food that is served in front of you should not only taste good but it must also be well presented to make it deserving of your five-star rating. With the unstoppable expansion of food industry, the competition between restaurants, food bars and cafes around the world is ever increasing.

So, they keep on innovating new dishes in order to stay ahead in the competition. This is how we keep on seeing some new items popping out in a particular restaurant’s menu every year.

Twenty-seventeen seems to be a year with a lot of happening, specifically in the field of food. In this very year, we have witness the unbelievable evolvement of taste in people living across the planet. If you are a food lover and have followed pages related to food adventures, then you would have come across a lot of content related to food in your news feed that might have left you stunned. Here are a few famous food trends from 2017 that have ruled people’s hearts.

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Sushi Burger

For those who love sushi, it is a great delight. This incredible amalgamation of flavors has left everyone amazed who came across it. It all happened when Sushi and Burger came together. Yes, we are talking about Sushi wrapped in a bun and we know it sounds super crazy but that is how it is. Well, hold on! It is not an order burger made from the dough of flour instead it is entirely made up of rice packed in the tingling flavors of raw seafood, vegetables and mouthwatering sauces making it irresistibly tasty.

It doesn’t end here as this dish can be altered in a lot of ways by doing variation in the amount of flavors, spices and ingredients used while preparing it. Holding all this delectable combination  together also has an extremely unique way as the buns are usually tied with seaweed and in between them are all the flavors. These are all the factors that make this dish one of the most incredible creation in the world if cuisine we have seen this year.

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Black Ice cream

Yes, your beloved ice cream has gone black nowadays becoming one of the hottest food trends these days. Though the concept has been introduced from a couple of years but recently a lot of people are going crazy about this spooky looking ice cream that is prepared from activated charcoal.

It appears as if this sweet treat has come from a dark gloomy place to greet your taste buds and this is the kind of treat that you surely want to post on Instagram while eating. Sharing photos and spreading the word on social media is one of the main factors behind the popularity of this blackish dessert that makes you eat activated charcoal and we bet it is one of those ingredients that you have never imagined eating before.

You can get black ice cream topped with the flavor and topping of your choice like some people get it topped with coconut flavor while others prefer it eating with honey syrup. No doubt it looks adorable and it must be tried at least for once. Remember, you should not be eating too much of it as activated charcoal has its own effects on your health and inner body system.

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Vegan Burgers

Well, this might be one of those things that vegetarian foodies have been long looking for. As incredible as it sounds, vegan burger is an amazing creation by the experts in food industry. Playing with the flavors of plants and deliciously putting them in a bun to create a super delicious treat for the people who love veggies. Not only that they taste incredible, these meat-less treats also look adorable upon being well presented. You are surely going to forget about meat when you’ll taste these plant-based burgers, giving you a burst of vegan flavors in every bite.

A lot goes in the preparation of vegan burger like chunks of beet, cauliflower, lentils, black beans, onions and a lot of different kinds of sauces. All of these ingredients are incorporated in a burger as per the taste and choice of the person who will be eating it. It’s the same way like we chose flavors and seasoning in burgers having patties made of meat.

What to expect from the year 2018?

From Sushi burger to vegan burger and most importantly the ice cream made of activated charcoal; this world is full of amazing flavors. When these flavors are combined with amazing expertise and experience, masterpieces like the food items and delicacies mentioned above are created leaving all the food lovers awestruck. Well, it is not only that these dishes are created to satisfy craving, in fact there are even bigger purposes behind the invention of any new dish and sometimes such kind of happenings are proven a breakthrough for a particular food business.

After coming across all of these delightful innovations in the field of food industries, expecting more delicious flavors and crazy creations from the year 2018 is absolutely justifiable. So, let’s live through the last few days of the year 2017 in an awesome way and get ready to welcome the upcoming year with open arms.  

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