Top 8 Causes of Tooth Pain

Suffering from a toothache, also known as tooth pain, can be a very irritating and painful experience. Sometimes it is temporary and other times it could keep bothering you for days, not letting you properly eat or even sleep. 

If it isn’t going away, it is better to see a dentist instead of relying on home remedies. So, what triggers it? Well, there could possibly be many reasons that could let people regularly suffer from toothaches. To answer the question in a more effective way, here we have listed down and discussed the top 8 causes of tooth pain. 

Exposure to Extreme Heat or Cold

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Be very careful when eating something too hot or too cold; it might hurt. Tooth sensitivity that often leads to unbearable pain is triggered by exposure to extreme heat or cold. It could occur if the enamel, which is the protective layer of your tooth, has been damaged or worn down.

Enamel Erosion

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As already mentioned, tooth sensitivity significantly increases when the layers of enamel that are insulating your teeth erode. You would become more vulnerable to toothaches. You’ll have more sensitive teeth. 

You would start feeling uncomfortable while eating things that are hot, cold, sour, and even sweet food. If you are experiencing pain or some kind of sensation every now and then when eating foods, it could be a warming early warning sign of damaged or weak enamel. 

Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is actually the damage caused to your tooth’s surface or it could be a result of enamel erosion. It is a sign that the tooth surface in your mouth has been attached by bacteria. Tooth decay is an oral health problem that can lead to cavities, which could make your teeth hollow from the inside, if not treated in time. 

Gum Infection

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A gum infection could be an extremely harmful infection. It could greatly impact your oral health, causing damage and inflammation in and around your gums and jaw and making your mouth highly sensitive. Poor dental care (not brushing and flossing enough or properly) could lead to gum infections. 

In such a dental health condition, your mouth may become a breeding ground for bacteria, which could grow rapidly to infect all your teeth as well. If you’re failed to cure it with a home remedy, see a doctor immediately.

Cracked Tooth

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It is one of the most common causes of tooth pain. A cracked tooth can be the result of many different circumstances like chewing on food items that have hard or flaky surfaces, grinding your teeth in your sleep, and the age factor.

Cracked teeth usually have many different symptoms but the most common one is the erratic pain that you feel while chewing. The pain caused by a broken or fractured tooth may come and go but it would be better to get it checked and treated by a dentist 

Misaligned Teeth

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Misaligned teeth, misaligned bites, or crooked teeth — all these are the names of the same dental condition. It could occur if you lose baby or adult teeth early. 

Dental treatments and restorations done improperly may also lead

to misaligned teeth. Along with being one of the most common causes of tooth pain, it could put unnecessary and unwanted pressure on your jaw muscles and gums, leading to cracked teeth. 

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Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, which is also known as jaw clenching, is one of the top causes of tooth pain and facial pain. A lot of people do it when they are suffering from stress or anxiety. 

Teeth grinding is also a very common habit among people while they are asleep. It is definitely not good for your oral health. It could lead to multiple dental conditions over time like wearing your teeth down, cracking them, or even resulting in misaligned bites.

Abscess in Teeth

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A dental abscess is an alarming health condition. It is when pus and other types of bacteria are formed and collected within the teeth or in the gums. It could lead to severe infection in the jaws and gums.

In such a dental condition, you would feel an intense throbbing pain in your tooth or gum that has been infected. It may occur without any warning. It could even spread to your entire jaw and even your ear, which may not even let you sleep properly. It is among the most common causes of toothache. 

When To Seek Medical Care for a Toothache?

If the pain in your tooth isn’t going away, you shouldn’t be sitting and doing nothing. It is better to see a dentist right away because your toothache goes from bad to worse whatever the reason is behind it. 

See a dental professional as soon as possible, especially if you are dealing with the following circumstances: 

  • You have been suffering from tooth pain for the last  1 or 2 days. 
  • Your toothache is getting worse with time. 
  • It is affecting the other parts within your mouth and on your face like swelling in jaws and cheeks as well as pain in the ear. 
  • You are feeling extreme pain while opening your mouth wide. 

Now that you know the 8 most common causes of tooth pain, you need to be very careful. If you are going through any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should consult your dentist immediately. 

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Written by Spencer K