Thoughts: How movies allow us to escape from reality?

Upon looking around us, we see that people belonging to different societies and cultures have derived many forms and ways that help them get entertained. Entertainment can be of different types like sports, games, eating out, reading books, picnicking and most importantly movies.

So, when are talking about films, it is a complete different world having dozens of categories and followed by billion of fans around the world.

How do they actual make fans go crazy after these movies?

If you are a transformer fan, then this would surely be your favorite scene. Now, these kinds of touches and effects found in those sci-fi and action movies make fans fall in love with them and this fact also somehow answers the question asked in the title of the article.

This is just a glimpse taken from one of those thousands of magical movies created for fans all around the world and we know things like these could never happen in actual life (up till now) but we still fancy them. Here’s an another one for you, this girl named Lucy from the movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ finds a whole new magical world in her wardrobe:

Doesn’t it look amazing? Well, many of us adore movie like these and wish that they would create more movies based on fantasy worlds and wonderlands.

Apparently, it feels as if films help provide us us relief and an escape from reality at least for some time. It is because while we are watching them, we start thinking about the situation that are being shown to us in that particular film.

The filmmakers using their skills and abilities plus with an effective help of modern day technology, get us involved in an alternate world and it is because of which, viewers temporarily forget the real-life situations they have been facing and all the hardships of their lives while feeling incredibly relaxed.

Here comes our super hero!

Image Source: Fan Fest

So, let’s talk about the genre of movie that is loved by all and obviously there is no scientific reason required to go crazy after a movie featuring superhero in it. Whether you are a comic reader or a tough guy who like sporty stuff, the chances of your liking for superhero movies are incredibly high. Just think for a sec that who would not love those caped crusaders who are on a mission to save a city like yours. We all fantasize them and most of us want our desired superheroes to come and take away all those troubles and bad things from our societies.

We know it’s not true and that there is not a guy wearing a cape like superman and flying high while overseeing our cities to catch those bad guys in order to end crimes. However, even imagining all this make you feel extremely nice and one of the biggest reasons that people watch these movies having people with supercool and wonderous powers is that, they themselves want to get involved in a world where their adored superhero can save them from all the negativity that might be present in their surroundings.

Movies are where gunshots may not even get you killed

It is one of the most famous scenes in the entire history of Hollywood. In this scene, they have shown the character escaping from bullets by making lightening fast moves. However, it is unlike anything that could actually happen in reality but still people loved it and admired the picturization of the movie. In fact, ‘The Matrix’ was the movies that set a revolutionary trend which was followed by many upcoming movies and still a lot of filmmakers take inspiration from it.

There is no doubt in it that those mind-boggling Sci-Fi movies always stay with you and that you desire to watch more of that kind of movies. Sci-Fi movies that are depict the so called space-age or modern-age technology which is obviously out of this world are astoundingly thought-provoking, making you fantasize about the ways our world could get changed in future with technologies having much larger influence on our lives as individuals and societies on the whole.

A very fine example of what is being discussed here has been clearly portrayed by ‘I, Robot’ which has been listed among some of the best Sci-Fi movies of the 21st century.

Can a symphony ever be written by a robot? Or can a robot ever think and feel like a human being? Well, these are some of the questions that arise right after you watch this kind of movies because we are always have the curiosity in ourselves of knowing more about our future. This thing can easily help us forget the troubles we are facing in reality (may be just for the time being) and it is one of the main reasons behind the success of movie industries around the world.


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