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Things We Have Learned About the All-New Mercedes A-Class

When one talk about Mercedes A class, the thought of luxury and technology strikes their mind. Yes, it is the same thing we felt when we came to know about the amazing specification and features that this class of cars have to offer to its customers. The way it is designed and equipped with technology makes it worth every single penny that is spent on it.

It is also that the designing experts who are a highly eminent part of the Mercedes auto-making process have also realized that gone are the days when large and expensive cars were greatly demanded. However, the time has changed as we have observed that now this highly renowned automaker has also shifted its interest and started coming up with more attainable designs for its vehicle while incorporating all the luxurious and technological factors in them.

All eyes were set on the upcoming model of Merced A class and it was the day of 2nd February 2018 when Mercedes-Benz unveiled its latest A Class and the very first car that came out was a state-of-the-art modern-day hatchback. It has been equipped with an ultramodern infotainment system and has one of the most luxurious interiors.

‘LINGUATRONIC’ Infotainment System

Mercedes Interior | The Verge

The term that is mentioned above appears to be something out of the sci-fi movie. However, it is actually a clear demonstration of the cutting-edge technology as the whole infotainment system of the car gets activated when you say ‘Hey Mercedes’. It is one of the key attraction of this new car and it gives us clear idea that as to what extent the technology will be incorporated in the upcoming models of the A-Class series.

Talking Design of A-Class Hatchback

Mercedes A Class Hatchback | The Verge

The newly unveiled Mercedes A-Class hatchback is breaking all the records of excellence of the design as it has one of the most sophisticated curvy profiles ever seen in a car. The head and tail lights of the car just add up to the beauty of it. No doubt it is one of the most beautiful hatchbacks that have ever been driven on the roads. The amazingly featured sunroof in the designed model of this car really makes this car unbelievably stunning. It turns out to be one of the most desired vehicle by someone who is fond of driving while enjoying the natural views of the skies.

However, when talking about the front grill of this hatchback, it can be said that it carries a signature look of the cars that have been launched by Mercedes in the recent years such as new S-Class and AMG GT. it is also to be noted here that the front grille of the car plays a highly important role when a design of the particular car is being judged and criticized by the experts and it is also a clear recognition of a particular car brand.

Cutting-edge Interior and Technology

Mercedes A Class Hatchback Interior | The Verge

We have been noticing that in the recent years, in terms of the automotive industry, the use of technology has not only been limited to the exterior. Taking the all-new ‘Mercedes A-Class Hatchback’ as an example, we can easily notice that the designs and the concepts of this car have got some technological factors in it that have left us all in awe. It has been equipped with highly sophisticated sensors and cameras at its exterior.

All of these technological measures are taken by the automakers in order to play their parts in the efforts that are being made globally in order to avoid road accidents and to enhance the experience of the drivers while they are on the road.

Taking about the interior of the car, it has the ‘Linguatronic – Infotainment System’ that we have already told you about, plus it has a two 7-inch display screens installed side by side. By just having a look at the amazing interior of this new hatchback by Mercedes, you would start having the feel of luxury that this driving cabin has to offer to the ones who are going to get seated in this car.

Advanced Performance

Mercedes A Class Hatchback | The Verge

In terms of performance, there should be no doubt in it that Mercedes A-Class turns out to be one of the most advanced cars powered by highly sophisticated technology. It has a powerful engine powered by hybrid technology. It is this car for which the diesel model will also be rolled out in future but for now this newly introduced Mercedes A-Class hatchback is all set to dominate the roads with its amazing performance.

The driving specs of this car has been kept extremely favorable for the people who are going to be behind its steering wheel. It is not only the mechanical performance that win hearts but it also strongly depends on the performance of technology that has been incorporated in the car and together all these performances make Mercedes A-Class Hatchback phenomenal.

In Competition with Other Automakers

It looks like the newly launched Mercedes A-Class is going to be a total success as it carries one of the most attainable designs, perfectly in accordance with the concept of the hatchbacks that are being immensely popular in today’s world. All of these efforts have been made by this German automaker as it wants its car to stand tall and give a tough time to its already existing competitors in the markets that have already launched similarly shaped hatchback models.

It is that they are looking to fight against some of the most well-known cars already on the roads for example, Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3. Upon having a close look at the interior that Mercedes A-Class has to offer the designing and other technological experts belonging to the automotive industry have admitted that it is one of the most sophisticated cars ever designed. With all these amazing specs and state-of-the-art design features, this car is going to be one of the most successful vehicles launched by Mercedes.



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