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Things That Can Be Done To Address Gun Violence

Hate and enviousness is on the rise, causing more and more people to undergo such kind of heinous acts. The question is what can be done to prevent such kind of violence?

We walk around the streets and let our children play outside our homes but now it is the time for us to ask this question ourselves that if is it the right decision to leave our home without any armor or shield? Are we not putting the lives of kids at stake by allowing them to play outside or even letting them to go to school?

You might start feeling the terror not on all of these happenings but on the thought the brutality that surrounds us now and dwell in our very own societies. According to a research, it has been found out that People all over the world are adopting more furious behavior with each passing year and they are just looking for an opportunity to harm others.

However, in the United States a lot of incidents of mass shooting, especially in schools have been recorded. These facts and figures give us a lot of things to think about. First of all, we have to take a deep look on the way we behave with the people around us because the spread of the violence targeting innocent people and children is extremely alarming. We should not be expecting everything from the governments and politicians, it is our responsibility as well to rectify the flaws in the society that might be causing the rise in all of these criminal activities.

So, what exactly can be done by us to play our part in prevent such kind of inhuman acts from happening in our surroundings. It is not only one activity but a set of activities that we should be undergoing in order to do our effort to have a safer environment in our society.

Asking stakeholders to act cohesive against criminal activities

The percentage based on the actual happenings of America’s gun homicides will shock you but let’s not go in that much depth as we know the behavior of people is changing due to the financial instability and other consequences they face in their day to day life causing them to become more aggressive in terms of dealing with each other.

One of the main reasons behind this aggressiveness is that they think that they are the victims of oppression and the only way to get out of the situation they have been facing in their lives is by illegal means. So, weapons are the only things they find helpful in such scenario and they start considering them as their last resort. However, such kind of thinking and behavior can be devastating for individuals and societies on the whole.

However, the least you can do in this concern is to contact an elected representative or a famous political figure with large number of followings on internet and devoted supporters on the ground as well. Make a request to them to spread awareness effectively with the influence they have among the people who look up to them regarding the threats that an unregistered weapon poses to a society as it’s deadly nature. It is just the message you are trying to convey should be delivered properly the rest of it is an understood fact that by having a safer surrounding, all the people can breathe in a terror free environment.

Helping someone to identify the potential risk

Small steps can bring big changes and the moment you start taking the responsibility, this aspect can change the fate of a society and for the betterment of it, we all have to take a step in the right direction. It is your agility and helpfulness that can save life of the people you know. Theoretical aspects cannot bring imperative changes in a particular society. The importance of carrying out any activity practically make it possible for people to materialize their objective and it is their determination which help them to get to their goals.

However, keeping in view all these perceptions to bring positive change to the society we are living in, there are awareness programs that are being organized at different levels and on different scale (sometimes even by the families of the victims of shootings and terrorism) that are making individuals equipped of the skills that will help them identify the situation and act smartly if something wrong is about to happen.

So, your part here is to become a part of a similar program and also encourage your friends and people in your group to join it. By doing so, you might become a reason behind the prevention of any potential criminal act or your participation in a particular program among with your friends might help you all to some extent in the survival, if any act of terrorism will take place in your neighborhood or surroundings.

Involve gun owners in violence prevention campaigns

Gun violence awareness protests and campaigns

One of the smartest thing to do for the sake of peace and prosperity in society is that playing a crucial role to reduce the rate of violence in society, you can ask and motivate the people who own firearms to join the campaigns that are being carried out against gun violence and similar criminal acts.

According to statistical data, the majority of the crimes that take place in the United States and other parts of the world are on the rise because of the increased use of guns and other lethal weapons. Sometimes even the people having licensed weapons make deadly use of them out of the rage and agony they might be going through in their lives. So, it is better not to leave people isolated and to have them involved in all such awareness activities.

These kind of campaigns should not only be carried out in urbanized landscapes like New York, Washington or any other famous metropolis around the world However it should be carried out especially in rural areas where strong tradition are found usually that force individuals for gun ownership. In this regard, it is extremely important to educate people belonging to remote areas and villages about the threats that could be posed by the inadequate use of firearms and the consequences associated with it.

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