The Most Luxurious Beach Resorts Around the World

Under the blue skies while having the sight of smooth, soft and beautiful beach covered with white sand and kissed by sparkling waves. Can imagine any better situation for spending your holidays? Well, we bet you can and this is the reason a lot of people go for the beach resort option and forget about their day-to-day worries while enjoying holidays.

Tourism is one of the biggest sectors around the world and countries that have beautiful coastlines and beaches focus on constructing beach resorts in order to bring in more tourists by portraying the natural beauty that is found in their country along the beach.

Plenty of choices to make

There are many beautiful beaches and coastal areas around the world specifically in tropical regions and this fact leaves us with plenty of choices for beach resorts that we are planning to visit during our holidays. The confusion doesn’t end here and paves way to a new question as to which beach resort is desirable for us to make our holiday more pleasurable and fun?

To help you out with your holiday plans we have listed down a few of the most luxurious beach resorts found in the different parts of the world. Multiply your happiness and excitement of vacation by spending your time in one of these beautiful destinations.

Four Seasons Resort


If you are looking to spend your time while taking those delightful strolls on a beautiful wooden walkway than Fur Season in Bora Bora is the place where you should be sending your vacations. Comprising of several bungalows over the lagoon with crystal clear water, it is an ideal destination for you.

Take in the full view of the seas while laying back in the soaking tubs. It surely sounds like a piece of heaven on earth and stands among one of the best beach resorts in the world.

Atlantis, The Palm

Source: Dubai’s Desperate Housewife

Dubai city is an ideal destination for tourist. So, how about finding a beach resort over there? Of course, you can spend your summer vacation while bathing in the sun under the blue sky while gazing at the crystal-clear water of the Arabian Sea. Atlantis, The Palm turns out to be an amazing place offering you the most soothing views of the sea.

The hospitality, ambiance and experience you are going to experience at Atlantis will double the excitement of your vacation. It is the first resort built on the man-made island and the distinct elements of its architecture are inspired by the myth of Atlantis as well as a delightful Arabian touch.

The Trident Hotel


Calling it one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Jamaica won’t be wrong. Yes, we are talking about The Trident Hotel. A place where you can make the most of your summer season. Located at the eastern end of the Island, it offers you the most exotic views of the beach while you enjoy the best time of your life. They consist of 13 waterfront lodges that are considered one of the most luxurious villas in Caribbean.

A beach resort like The Trident Hotel is the destination you need to spend your time off blissfully while revitalizing yourself and praising the natural beauty of stunning blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary


Taking tourism industry to the next level, they are coming up with new concepts for resorts and hotels while deriving better and improved ways to serve tourist. Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary is a revolutionary beach resort and especially a fine example of the evolving trends in tourism sector.

It is a beach hotel and resort located in Phuket, Thailand that is made up of 14 extravagant villas, offering you the elegant views of Bang Tao Bay beaches.

It has the term ‘Spa’ in it’s name that means it offers the people staying at the resort with some of the most delightful and relaxing services by the professional masseurs and therapists. One of the most amazing places with world-class amenities is awaiting your visit beside the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

Pink Sands


Looking for a beachy getaway? How about Pink Sands, The Bahamas? Well, no doubt it is the best place where you can be while spending your summer holidays. Especially, Sun kissed beaches with gorgeous beach sands are waiting to be explored by you. It undoubtedly stands among some of the beach hotels and resorts in the world where you can sit back and relax while grasping in the oceanic views and beauty.

Pink Sands Resort is visited by a large number of tourist each year where they are greeted by the delightful sights of pink sandy beaches all over along with the breathtaking presence of swaying palm trees.

We know after knowing about all these wondrous places, you will be packing already to leave for the destination of your choice.


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