The Lazy Girl’s Guide to an Immaculate Wardrobe

If you’re a lazy girl, you obviously have a great many dreams, but procrastination always gets the better of you. Don’t let bouts of grogginess and unending physical exhaustion keep you from flaunting an on-point and style savvy wardrobe!

Take it from a lazy girl who’s had some time to get accustomed to living with a perpetual state of laziness. You don’t billions in the bank to flaunt an immaculate wardrobe, all you really need to do is cover your basics and own a wardrobe filled with versatility. Once you own all the right glamour guns, you simply have to flaunt them with a clever style strategy.

Whenever you head over to mall, be sure to shop staples that you can mentally pair up with at least a dozen staples that you already own. We’ve picked out all the basic staples you need to own in order to flaunt a style savvy and forever on-point wardrobe.

Here, take a look:

Stock up on Blazers

It is amazing how blazers have this inherently charismatic ability of oozing out a powerful charm in any and every outfit, completely regardless of whatever worn and torn staples have been layered up beneath it. Even if you pair up a sharply tailored blazer with a battered old tee and distressed denim jeans, it will give your outfit a truckload of chicness.

Blazers are the ultimate secret for a polished and on-point outfit, and the best part is, they can be flaunted with anything and everything, be it a skirt, a lovely dress, overalls, a jumpsuit, or even your basic casuals. If you’re a curvy women, blazers are an utmost necessity to slim down your torso and play up your curves. Bottom line: Stock them up in each and every colour known to womankind!

Blouse Game Strong!

Too groggy to play around with too many clothing staples? Girl, just play up blouses with a sexy pair of bottoms that emphasize your curvy legs and drive up your confidence. Naturally, in order to do this, you need a flawless collection of chic statement blouses with off-the-shoulder accents, romantic ruffles, exaggerated bell sleeves and dysfunctional styles.

Pick out blouses with eye-popping bright colors, graphic prints, and scintillating florals so they can give your mornings a massive dose of energy. You can flaunt these delights with your pencil skirts, high-waisted pants, basic denim, ankle pants and so much more.

Denim for Days

Be it a denim jacket, overalls, button-downs, skirts, dresses or plain ‘ol denim jeans, denim is by far the most versatile and comfortable fabric known to womankind. On days when your sense of style has undergone a massive collapse, just turn to your denim staples and let them work their magic.

You don’t need a billion dollar wardrobe to look effortlessly chic, just cover your basics and invest in at least one denim shirt, dress, skinny jeans, overalls and a graphic denim jacket. These staples can be paired up with at least fifty other staples that you already own, for denim can be worked with any and every color, fabric, and style. Flaunt it at work, on the streets, at the club-basically everywhere.

Trench Warfare

Trench coats are one of the heaviest style guns in a girl’s wardrobe, and they can literally transform the unruliest and messiest of outfits with a charming seal of chicness. They are oh-so-functional and if you pick them out in neutral color palettes, like nudes, browns, tan, camel and rose golds, you can flaunt with any and every outfit.

Ladies, a trench is a sheer necessity because it eliminates the need for so much else. On days you don’t want to get out of your slept-in tee and dirty skinnies, just throw on your brown trench coat, a lovely scarf and a dark pair of ankle boots. Viola! You may as well have come straight out of a glossy magazine cover!

Twirlin’ around Town

No other clothing staples have the ability to bring out a romantic femininity and beguiling charm in your outfit better than a flowing skirt. If you shop the right fabrics and color palettes, you can use them to give your everyday outfits an infectiously charming pop of color that will energize your look. Besides, what’s not to love about skirts, I suggest you explore all kinds of trends and styles, for instance, leather skirts, pencil skirts, plaid, pleated, ruffled, woolen, midi-length and so much more.

I very strongly believe that every woman should shop skirts to flatter her body type. If you’re an hour-glass femme, pick out sharply tailored pencil skirts to emphasize your curvy derriere. If you’re an apple-shaped woman, you need to stock up on high-waisted skirts to tuck in that gently protruding muffin top and slim down your waist. And if you’re an athletic woman, pick out extravagantly ruffled skirt to give your figure an illusion of curves.

Work your Boots

All lazy girls really want is to be able to look presentable without putting in too much effort, right? Boots are yet another incredibly versatile fashion staple that seals all our casual and formal outfits with a massive dose of unprecedented chicness.

Want to give your streetwear a supermodel-off-duty-like glamour? Girl, you need to stock up on the ankle and knee-high boots in luxurious textures, like suede, leather, and velvet. Be sure to own at least one pair of black, grey and brown boots each for they are a purchase that will forever delight you with its versatility.

‘Old Hollywood Glamour

Ladies, we all like to create glamorous fashion looks that allow us to channel our inner goddess with a jet-setting sass and regal elegance. Well, statement fur is by far the easiest and simplest trick to nail ‘old Hollywood style without breaking your bank.

Fur coats are the epitome of luxury, and they can turn even the skimpiest and simplest of silk gowns into a ramp-worthy outfit. You can flaunt them with your shift dresses, pencil skirts, basic denim, cocktail dresses and your black tie gowns.

Biker Gal Chic

Leather jackets flaunted with sharp leather tights or leather mini-skirts are your sassiest ticket to create a spontaneously bold and audaciously exciting style statement. Let’s admit the obvious: the biker gal look is never going out of style, and if you’re looking for style inspirations to flaunt it, just check out the statements flaunted by ‘90s It girls, Winona Ryder and Kate Moss.

Leather jackets are incredibly versatile, and you can carry them off to any and every occasion. Be it work, festivities or even a bohemian festival, flaunt a leather jacket to give your outfit an edgy glamour.

Jump-Start Kinda Day!

On days when you’re too lazy to put in even the most minimal of efforts into getting ready, girl, just pick out a jumpsuit and throw it on. These are the holy grails of contemporary fashion, and undoubtedly, the ultimate style saviors for they literally require no pairing whatsoever.

If you want to give your jumpsuit a sharp I-mean-business-kinda look, pair it up with a sharply tailored blazer, leather jacket or a vintage-style cape. Seal the look with sassy footwear, clever accessorizing and a powerful handbag for an insanely chic yet entirely effortless statement.


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