The Importance of Voting: Why should we cast a vote?

Sitting at home and criticizing political system and bureaucracy might be easy but have you ever thought how important is it to vote? Of course, like all the other members of society, it is your responsibility to cast vote.

Those who come under the umbrella of a democratic system and the citizens of countries ruled by democracies have the right or privilege to vote and decide whom they want to see in power.

It is this practice that should never be neglected at any cost. Remember, you have the power to bring the change you desire in your society and the right way to do it is by casting your vote and supporting the right candidate.

Lower Voter Turnout

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Sadly, in many countries including the US, the voter turnout is low and people refrain from casting their vote. Some are not interested and the others think that their individual vote won’t count that is absolutely wrong perception.

What people never think of is that at the time of polling they have the chance to help shaping up the future of their country because the candidate or political party that has been chosen by the process of voting is going to rule their state/country for a few years. So, why not decide on the day of voting?

“If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against.” Robert A. Heinlein

Causes behind hindrance in voting

Many of the causes that have been identified by doing surveys on mass scale appear vague or unjustifiable. A large number of people living in different societies ruled with a democratic system never vote.

They believe that their vote might be manipulated or is going to be misused without even knowing the status of polling or condition of voting system in their country.

These are the perceptions that cause more harm to a particular society than those corrupt politicians. Yes, we need to own each and every responsibility that we have while being a respected citizen of a civilized setup and one of the biggest and most important duty is to vote for something or someone that you think is better for you and others living around you.

Can we do any good to our society without casting vote?

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This is how we can create the urge in people around us to vote. By asking questions that are relevant to them or by telling them that the problems they are facing in their daily life aren’t only state affair to solve but they can also contribute in the betterment of society simply by casting a vote.

One of the most appreciable aspect of democracy is that it empowers people to decide how do they want their state to be ruled and to choose their leader as a nation. If you participate in polling process than you are playing a part as a responsible member of your respective democratic system.

What if we all cast vote?

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Increased voter turnout has great benefits in terms of societal reforms. There might be a lot of shortcomings in our society that we can easily point out as they cause us to suffer in our daily lives. However, the power to vote in a democracy is extremely valuable and we are totally unaware of its usefulness. If we are willing to bring a change in our society, we have to step out and cast vote on the election day.

Our responsibility as a voter is not only limited to us but we also have to urge others living around us and in our neighborhood to cast their votes by making them realize that their one vote can change the fate of the society they live in.

Instead of blaming multiple factors corrupting the society, we must all act responsibility. The more number of voters are there, the greater are the chances of positive changes happening in a particular country or state.

Make Your Voice Heard!

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We see most of the people whining about the fact that they are not given a chance to express their views in terms of the political and social system they think can do benefit to them. However, the best way the can make their voice heard without even saying anything is by casting a vote.

Being one of the voters on the polling day means that you are deeply concerned about the society you live in and that you have availed your voting privilege as a citizen while playing your part as a responsible dweller of a society in shaping the government and the very future if their state.


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