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The Holy Grail to Beauty

New to instagram and blogging ? Want to know the inside tips and tricks of the beauty world without going through endless time consuming following ? 

Well your in for a treat ! We have compiled that top beauty products from the top celebrities , models , vloggers, bloggers and makeup artists around the world. This is not just a holy grail is the grail of the holy grail! 


The Beauty Essentials 

  1. The Tools 

Before we start talking about strobing and baking . The most essential ingredient to a beautiful skin is the Beauty regime . 

Cleanse , Rinse , Tone and Moisturise. 

We will talk about that in another blog. 

Let’s get down to the basic. Before you start you need these tools – Its a must ! You can always use your fingers to apply makeup but that will change the consistency and colour of the foundation before you know it you will have a different product all together .  So yes – use a Beauty blender

Pros – blends makeup to its minutest detail

Cons – harnesses bacteria and causes Acne. Have to clean it everyday. 

Don’t forget makeup brushes are the best alternative option and how can we forget to mention the — ShhhhReal techniques base brush set!

    2.   Primer 

We have tested and tried many primers. All work equally well but the best ones depending on skin type are as follows.

Oily skin /Combination skin 

  • Benefit pore professional 
  • Smash box photo finish primer 
  • L’Oréal infallible mattifying base

Dry skin / Sensitive skin 

  • Charlotte Tilbury’s wonder glow 
  • Laura mercier radiance primer 
  • Mac prep and prime 

   3.  Base/ foundation 

Aaaaahhh!!! Now that’s the most essential and complicated item one can ever be satisfied from. The humidity , temperature and light can continue to change the way  the base looks on your face hence would require different foundations based on the environment. 

We got down to try and test every product on every counter from A-Z. Many foundations had the consistency of a cakey look , which we don’t blame anyone using it for instagram and photography but in real life it looks horrible , so if you don’t find some foundations on the list well that’s because they are not for daily use .

The products we can swear by ! 

MARC JACOBS ! Haven’t got a chance to touch this beauty! One drop and thats  all you need to add to any foundation. Voila! You have your custom made foundation .

GEORGIA ARMANI luminous silk 

Top choice for Celebrities. Of course you have heard the Kardashians say it many times ,not to mention their makeup artist Mario.


This foundation has this natural glow , especially once applied after the CT Magic cream. Try it and feel it!

LAURA MERCIER silk creme moisturising photo edition 

Great for a night out . Long lastingème-moisturizing-prod12614372.html?shades=AllShades&color=Rose_Ivory

CHANNEL perfection lumiere

Gives this soft dewy look. Does wonders to the skin , you can’t even tell your wearing foundation.


Great if you want to start with basic foundation. Great for a night out !


you won’t believe your skin after applying this foundation!

CLINIQUE super balanced.

perfect for Daily wear won’t get affected by humidity. Not for night out.

Yes we know about Makeup forever HD and Christian Dior and bobby brown .. And so on … but they did not pass the consistency , luminosity and flawless test! 

Try these and compare them to your current foundation and let us know if we are right! 

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What do you think?