The 5 Tools Every Graphic Designer Should Have

Graphic Designing is a vastly growing field, with social media at its peak, this field is becoming a significant part of every single business. Thus, umpteen number of graphic designers are competing with each other to produce better and top-quality designs.

In order to stay firm in the competition and put their skills to good use, they need these 5 tools to help them create mesmerizing designs. With creative ideas, these tools assist them by simplifying their work and communicating ideas effortlessly. Also, keeps them updated with the newest trends.

Let’s discuss and see how each of these 5 apps is catering to the creativity of Graphic Designers.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has been in the market for about over 20 years now. It has become one of the most sought-after publishing packages on the market. It has an outstanding output format. Especially, It can create everything from web-icons, product packaging to book illustrations and billboards.

Illustrator works well with Adobe Flash After Effects and Premier, making it usable for film production and motion graphics. It also provides thrilling features like quick document creation, wide range of fonts, fancy sets of text and stability enhancements. It also keeps updating itself with the newest features.

Graphic Designers are bound to have this tool if they want to stay in the race and keep up with the quality that the customer’s demand nowadays.



It is the first design and layout software that concentrates on visual design. It has been built by UI designers for UI designers. Moreover, It will save graphic designers a lot of time in creating and optimizing high-fidelity detailed UI design prototypes.

It has a very responsive layout which saves their precious time. With the help of widget library, the productivity level is sky high. It ships with more than 400 widgets on all major platforms and free widgets can be searched at the community. It’s visual design feature offers all the convenience needed.

Antetype’s interaction features, let you easily demonstrate the feel of the prototype. Property Binding is also one of the features, where designers can bind values from one element to another to gain accuracy and save time. Features also include Annotations, Retina Support, Web Viewer and Annotation.



ProofHub is a proofing and project management software tool that these designers will become fond of. It provides them with a central place, where the designers can discuss their ideas, talk about creative stuff, draft framework of the design, get feedback from other designers and what not.

Moreover, ProofHub being in use, eliminates this constant email process that takes place between designers and clients. It simplifies the approval process which in turn saves time. ProofHub is fully equipped with markup tools to easily highlight sections on the file, to reduce the number of revision cycles.

Its features include proofing, custom roles, white-labeling, multilingual, task management, workflows and boards, Gantt charts, reports, calendar, time-tracking etc.


The usual process for every graphic designer is to download images from the internet and create artwork around or using those. Problem occurs when these images have watermarks on them, which makes it burdensome to alter or work on the image.

To end this nuisance, InPaint has now made it a lot easier to remove these watermarks. Just simply download this software and get started. Opening the image in the software and clicking on the watermark, removes it. Such convenience it has provided.

Not only this, any object that the designer wants to remove from any image, can be done through InPaint.

Source: Wikipedia is not just a website with startling fonts but its main attraction is ‘WhatTheFont’ feature which interests graphic designers the most. With over 130,000 fonts available and still counting. Many fonts are free but some need to be purchased.

By visiting the website, graphic designers can download the app ‘WhatTheFont’ and have access to these easy-to-use fonts. Graphic designers simply need to upload scanned images of fonts on the website and it’s going to provide them with the closest match possible.

Graphic designers need to have this, as fonts and text are a vital part of their field.

These 5 software apps are the perfect package of tools that can make these graphic designers do so much more within lesser time. All these apps are distinct and creative, each aiding to a different perspective of designing.

With the help that these apps provide, designers can now be completely competent with the world and satisfy customers to the level that is expected of them. Work done in lesser time with maximum quality is all these designers desire.


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