Tesla Unveils the Next Generation Roadster

Image Source: CNET

Tesla is back with its all-new roadster, a much-hyped car that has been in the news from a lot of time. When the company rolled out its first roadster back in 2008, it turned out to be not a very good experience owing to a lot of mechanical and design flaws. However, after effectively learning from all of those failure factors, this time they have nailed it and have come out with a car with an out-class performance.

Launching the New Roadster

The launching ceremony of the very new Roadster was carried out in a unique way. They brought this supercar to light by driving it out of a newly unveiled electric semi-truck by Tesla. Unlike its predecessor that was a two-seater, this Roadster can seat about four people and has a removable glass roof.


Talking numbers

Number game is the key aspect that is keenly considered when taking about sportscar. The numbers of Tesla Roadster in terms of performance are not only good but exceptionally good. It goes from 0-60mph in just 1.9 seconds that crowns it with the title of the fastest production car. On top of that, this car can touch 100mph in just 4.2 seconds as claimed by Tesla itself. These numbers are astonishing and have made Roadster the hottest trending topic around the world.

tesla roadster steering

Comes Packed with An Exquisite Design

The new Roadster is better than the previous model in all aspects. From its design’s perspective, not only the car is perfectly shaped but it looks dynamically sleek and attractive. The interior of the car looks something straight out of a science fiction and this is what one would desire if they are going to buy a sports car from Tesla that is equipped with futuristic technology.

tesla roadster interior

A Hefty Price to Pay

The price tag of this car is huge. However, the vehicle is about to be shipped somewhere in 2020 but its cost has been officially revealed and according to Tesla’s website, the starting price of a Roadster has been kept at around $200,000 dollars, with a $50,000 required for reservation. Though it seems absolutely justifiable for the fact that after paying this much amount one would finally own the quickest production car on earth.


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