Car lover need to know about BMW X6 2020

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2020 BMW X6 is very fast car with great interior design, excellent driving experience, nice sound, deep and calm.


However, the lacks of features and quality for $ 100k+ car is another thing you should worrie about.  The Plastic body panels that easily bend which is very easy to damage when you are driving at high speed. It has a few clips and the outer body emblem that in some cases fell in the first year. 18 gal gas tank for a vehicle that burns fuel at 15-16mpg. You have to feed this thing twice a week for just a 30 minute trip.

BMW X6 2020 Design and Performance

BMW X6 2020 Design and Performance

My last word if you want a fast car, comfort, and also the quality, BMW X6 2020 is not a choice.


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