• 9 Most Famous Road Trip Routes in the US

    Road trips are always fun, especially when you are accompanied by your friends and family. Due to the availability of a lot of options, selecting a route for your road […] More

  • Travel & Food: A Match Made in Heaven

    “You have to taste a culture to understand it” Food is the way we meet people whether it be at the local market, café or while visiting a new country. […] More


    Fiji is blessed with turquoise water, white sand beaches, jungle rivers and an authentic culture that seems almost unfair. Whether you’re looking for a decadent vacation spot, a family getaway […] More

  • The Best airport in the world

    Travelling can be super fun and spontaneous sure, but the hassles of getting through the airport customs can be quite a nightmare. Have you ever disliked an airport so much […] More

  • 10 YouTubers you must subscribe to

    What do most of the people do today when they are doing nothing? The answer of this question is pretty obvious, they watch YouTube videos. Now, for you the biggest […] More

  • Has Artificial Intelligence Already Taken Over Us?

    Yes, it is all happening around us. According to the technological experts, Artificial Intelligence has the capability to make our lives easier if incorporated correctly in our daily routine. Artificial […] More

  • Baku: the new travel destination

    If you haven’t already heard of Baku as the trendiest destination spot to travel to this year, then embrace yourself to know about it now because this hidden gem of […] More

  • 13 unique places in the world to see

    The world is full of surprising places that you can never get enough of; from beautiful to bizarre you can come across tons of sights that are totally worth seeing. […] More

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